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  1. I agree, I really appreciate all the work and wonderful protection I am getting for a minimal fee, I want to thank the whole development team and know I am here to support your further development in any way I can.
  2. Is there a reson , after I updated from the the old Pro to the new Premium, that my license says just " Licensed" It should say lifetime licenced to differentiate between the new 3 computer and the old Pro. Or am I being too finicky.
  3. I am sure when the subscription starts the serial numbers will be different than the lifetime serials.
  4. I want the one that's says" My computer is protected by Malwarebytes" and the download page is error 404 ( doesn't exist)
  5. It took me about an hour to trouble shoot this problem but it seems you cannot have Eset Smart Security V6 and Malwarebytes Pro set to auto start without it hanging and not loading your desktop. As soon as I went down the list of programs set to auto start and unchecked each one, when I got to Malwarebytes Pro it finally started correctly. This has been an issue off and on since V4 of ESS. I honest cant set my A/V to not auto start so Malwarebytes is the culprit here. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. No help, maybe some advice from the forum?
  6. Everytime I go to install Malwarebytes, Eset says it is a virus. They have to be wrong but why, this is a known great program, what is their story?
  7. Hey thanks, you are really helpful here, I am now even happier I bough this software with this great support.
  8. The mbam.sys is in the Window System 32 driver files now. Very strange.
  9. Yes but this is very strange, the mbamswissarmy.sys is there in the C:\Windows\Syswow64\Drivers but the mbam.sys is not. This is after entering my reg id and everything, also Kaspersky warned me about the install. Yes I got the download from the site. mbam is running in the sevices and it seems to be fine, but that mbam.sys is not where it was now.
  10. Thanks for your comprehensive answer, I did as you said and yes those file still exist, even after deleting them and reinstalling. But I deleted the old ones and checked my " Services" and mbam is listed as running " Automatic". Thanks again.
  11. Thanks, I will do that. I am running a scan now and have protection enabled. Can I use the reg id tht I got when I bought the program? ( The install through the program went very smoothly, but I will do as you say to be sure. Thanks. So there should not be mbam.sys and mbamswissarmy.sys in the is new V1.37, I never even looked to see if they were there in the first place. LOL. Thanks you have been very helpful.
  12. Now that V1.37 has the 64 bit protection Modules, is there a different download or can I just just update through the program and enable protection for my 64 bit Vista Ultimate? Thanks.
  13. I have it installed on my 64bit Vista Ultimate and it scans fine, but I dont know if it is scanning the correct files. Someone told me that it will work in the X86 folder but you just cant enable realtime protection, is this true?
  14. I am running Vista 64bit Ultimate and Kapersky Internet Securtiy, I also have SAS installed along with Malwarebytes V1.35 ( new today) and just becuase it doesnt have real time protection doesnt bother me at all, I am happy to support these great developers. I am sure they will get it sorted until then I can always scan my computer when needed. Thanks for all your great work.
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