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  1. i see that you are using KIS 2012 and MBAM PRO, so this means that you don't use the IP blocker in MBAM because it will block the process avp.exe. What can be done to avoid this problem?
  2. hi there, The problem is that MBAM is blocking websites from utorrent. Every time when i use utorrent a notification appears and tell me that some websites have benn blocked from the process: utorrent.exe. The same problem if i install Kaspersky Internet Security or Pure 2.0, it blockes avp.exe. I really don't understand why, because the utorrent folder, utorrent.exe, kaspersky folder and avp.exe are all to ignore list. WHY??? is it blocking if i put them to the ignore list? In my opinion MBAM must let them alone even if it is the most malicous website or file. Another thing is that when i right-click the MBAM icon in system tray and choose the options there, there is no action taken. For example if i want to disable/enable the Website Blocker from the system tray, will be a waste of time because it will not work. If i select from the right-click menu to enable the website blocker, the feature will be checked (or will remain unchecked) in the right-click menu, but if i'll go in the big main window the respective feature will be unchecked =>(unmodified). Sometimes when i try to check in the right-click menu, the next time i open the right-click menu i'll discover that the feature will be checked or unchecked, and the respective feature will not be modified in the big main window. And sometimes when i turn on my PC, an error occurs when the MBAM real-time protection tries to start. Does anyone know what can be done to solve this bugs? or are normal?
  3. hi there, I know that this forum is for MBAM, but i hadn't found a forum related to Hitmanpro, so i decided to post here. (if i don't disturb someone ) The problem is that every time i turn on my PC, and look in Reliability Monitor (in Action Center from Windows), there is shown that HitmanPro Scheduler has stopped working; and for example if i'll restart today my computer 10 times, i'll see in Reliability Monitor the same alert writted 10 times. This means that when i turn on my computer the respective executable will have an error and will not run in memory. It is about HitmanPro 3.6.1 - Build 163 (64-bit) You can see the PrintScreen. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?
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