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  1. Mcafee would not allow me to add exclusions for either the Malwarebytes folder or the individual executable files. It gave me an error indicating that the program was critical and could not be excluded.
  2. Hi, I recently purchased a new Asus desktop computer (i5, 16gb RAM) that came preloaded with Mcafee Internet Security Installed. The computer had been running fine until I installed Malwarebytes 3.0 with the real time protections enabled. Upon doing so my PC became so sluggish I was unable to perform any tasks. Even when I tried exiting out of Malwarebytes the program would not exit. After closing the program through task manager (painfully as it was so slow) my pc began responding normally. I have now added exclusions in MB for Mcafee, but when I try to add exclusions for Malwarebytes in Mcafee I am unable to do so as I receive an error indicating the file is critical and can't be excluded. Has anyone run into this and is there a way around it? When my Mcafee trial is up I was going was going to replace it with Mcafee Internet Security Suite through U-verse since I do not have to pay for it. I would rather do this than have to pay for Norton so wanted to see if anyone can help me get the 2 programs to coexist harmoniously. Thanks!