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  1. Exact same issue here. In trial mode, can't activate license, get the usage level error> Didn't change a thing other than installing the upgrade.
  2. Yes i was doing that over and over. It just never alerted me that there was an update found so I didn't know it had been applied. I ended the task again because cpu and ram were still climbing. I ran MB a bit later, everything was fine. Thanks.
  3. EDITED TO ADD: Nevermind! Its back to normal now without a system restart. Im on update 3803. Seems to be doing fine now. Guess it updated in the background somehow. /////////////////// Don't understand. Why restart the PC if the update hasnt been received? Look where for the update package?
  4. I have been following, and i just started Malwarebytes and tried to force an update. Says no updates found. Meanwhile my RAM is running out and cpu is running higher and higher. I ended the task before my computer crashed again. Guess i will sit tight until the update rolls out to me finally. Whenever that is.
  5. Oh, and I will consider the reformat. I just didn't want to spend all the time and effort if the hard drive is failing anyway. I have also been looking at new laptops too, I need something bigger than this little tablet pc for normal work. I will be letting my husband use it mostly, which would need a format/reinstall anyway, so that's why I was putting it off. But you're right, it would help troubleshoot. Thanks!!!!
  6. I rebooted today and the boot up time was normal. (For now) Yay!! Yeah, I know I have a lot of crap on the computer. I have health issues that make it difficult or impossible to spend much time on the computer. I don't have enough computer time for fun/necessary stuff, so I tend to get behind on maintenance. The last few days, I've been paying the price for being on the pc more than I should. I am going to keep an eye on the hard drive for sure. I have a couple of diagnostics on the comp now. I still have to decide what to do with the quarentine/chest stuff. But it can wait until I recouperat
  7. Hi, I had already rebooted my machine before your reply, and it took all the rest of the day, evening, and next morning for my computer to boot with the boot scans I had scheduled. I am now typing on the machine that had problems, and not my husband's. Which is a good start I think. It booted up seemingly fine after the scandisk. I need to reboot after I type this, both into safe and normal modes, and see if it seems normal. In the meantime, I wanted to let you know what's up. Thanks for sticking with me on this. After all the repairwork yesterday, this is first boot. So far the computer see
  8. My laptop just booted after a prayer to Jesus and an exorcism. Really, this Christian gal ain't kidding. I haven't seen my desktop since, like Wednesday last week I think. I am running Malwarebytes scan on it now. It took a looooooong time to boot. A good 15 minutes. Any suggestions on what else to do before I try restarting it again? If this is a hard drive failure, how can I tell? My plans are to uninstall the crap I installed right before it went south, do a complete virus scan with Avast, a complete malware scan with Malwarebytes, and maybe another data backup, as well as a rootkit finder,
  9. Thank you for responding I ran chkdsk on the computer. I have not been in the command prompt for a looong time. Want to make sure I did it correctly. I entered the command prompt by choosing Repair Your Computer after using the F8 key to get to the disk menu. I was presented with X:\windows\system32> I entered C: at prompt, hit return. Then I had C:\> I entered chkdsk The last two lines don't look relevent to me. They are 43650 allocations available on disk. Failed to transfer logged messages to the event log with status 50. So I will type everything I got. If I try to run chkdsk /f /r
  10. Hello Firstly, thanks for your support here. I have been using Malwarebytes free for some time. I didn't even know there was a pro version until I was frantically trying to fix my PC, but I'm ahead of myself. I am currently experiencing an inability to boot, either in safe mode or normal. Due to what happened to my PC, I could have a software issue, a hardware issue, or Malware/virus. I'm starting with antiviral, but I'm getting mixed signals from my PC. Is there a way to run MB if I can't boot? I can get to a command line. I am here for help because my dodgy slow computer started acting fin
  11. Thank you Will be posting in the forum. I will become a paying user of Pro, but I don't want to use any credit card numbers right now, in case of infection. I appreciate the direction
  12. Hi all, My question is how do I run Malwarebytes if I can't boot, but I have to put in some back story to see if anyone can help. I have a win7 64bit laptop. That morning, the pc was fine. The day before, I had to turn off my Avast free and User Account Controls to install a trusted software. I forgot to turn back on UAC, and possibly the Avast too, leaving my computer wide the hell open. The next day, I did a lot to my pc before the problems started. I downloaded a couple of "video downloaders" (yes, I know), installed a couple of retail programs, and then my electric went out while I was in
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