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  1. Exact same issue here. In trial mode, can't activate license, get the usage level error> Didn't change a thing other than installing the upgrade.
  2. Yes i was doing that over and over. It just never alerted me that there was an update found so I didn't know it had been applied. I ended the task again because cpu and ram were still climbing. I ran MB a bit later, everything was fine. Thanks.
  3. EDITED TO ADD: Nevermind! Its back to normal now without a system restart. Im on update 3803. Seems to be doing fine now. Guess it updated in the background somehow. /////////////////// Don't understand. Why restart the PC if the update hasnt been received? Look where for the update package?
  4. I have been following, and i just started Malwarebytes and tried to force an update. Says no updates found. Meanwhile my RAM is running out and cpu is running higher and higher. I ended the task before my computer crashed again. Guess i will sit tight until the update rolls out to me finally. Whenever that is.
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