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  1. I had exactly the same problem. Disabling Web Protection was the only thing that solved it until I switched off "Help fight Malware by providing usage and threat statistics" under "Usage and threat statistics". I've had no further problems. May be worth a try.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I have just received an email from Support. So, hopefully, everything will soon be OK.
  3. I was unable to activate my lifetime licence after the recent update and submitted a support ticket on 3rd July (ticket number 2650251). The licence was purchased in February 2008. I had a reply from Support, on 6th July, asking for Proof of Purchase. I send them a copy of the email confirmation (which was from Marcin!) the same day. I asked them to apply the licence to my current email address, as I no longer have access to the email address I used for the purchase. On 10th July I had an email saying that the licence had been reset and to try activating it. It also said to set up an account u
  4. Thanks daledoc1, but I only posted as I thought that it might help. I do not need to start my own thread as I haven't got a problem now (as stated in my post).
  5. I had a similar problem. I had Malwarebytes Pro starting with Windows. The computer ran OK on 24th July after the update, but would not fully boot on the 25th (the first reboot since the 24th update). After investigation, I booted without starting Malwarebytes automatically and have had no problem since. I start it manually after the PC has fully booted. So - not now a problem for me. However, I'm posting this as I have Windows 7 - not XP. It may not be connected but could mean that the problem is not confined to XP, but just shows in a different way with Windows 7. I'm not concerned with ge
  6. Thanks very much for getting this sorted out. I haven't had a sensible reply to my support ticket to 123-Reg, but they have obviously sorted out the problem domains.
  7. Thanks. Do you know which domain is the problem? In the meantime, I'll get in touch with 123-Reg. How long is it likely to be on the block list after they fix things?
  8. This IP is being blocked. I look after a website using this IP (webfusion). The domain is beverleybulmer.co.uk. I have checked the files and everything looks OK. Could you please look into this for me. Thanks.
  9. Surely, Cnet Download is one of the "Trusted Partner" sites for downloading MBAM?
  10. Would it not be possible to just give a warning that the new version is available? I understand why the program cannot be upgraded automatically, but a popup (similar to the advice that the database has been updated) would solve this problem.
  11. I think this just relates to the "AnalyzeThis" button. There is no need to use this to send data to TrendMicro. Clicking this button provides an analysis of the contents of your HJT log. The results of this analysis is, IMHO, not useful for an expert and could be could be misleading for anyone not trained to read HJT logs. I always advise people not to use it. Posting the information on a forum is up to the individual and is nothing to do with TrendMicro.
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