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  1. No, it's the premium version. The problem is on my laptop. I have 2 separate licences because I'm covering alot of computers
  2. I accidentally removed the MB icon from my System Tray. I usually right click on it top Open MB & run updates/scans. Is it possible to get it back somehow? Or is it even necessary? I do like having it there for easy access. Thanks
  3. Just updated to the newest build, Defender had a warning that MBAM wasn't on. Used the suggestion & the Defender warning went away! Thanks
  4. I have the same problem. Had to revert back to 8-1 and I have an old license/key. Can't deactivate it through MY Account page because Ican't recall log in information for that page. Plaese advise
  5. It's working fine on my laptop, just not the desktop. Mom's pc is slowing down ALOT so it might have a MBAM issue too
  6. So, it kicked everyone down to the free version? I just tried to activate, but the activation button is grayed out. Figured something was going on because both browsers I use are starting up very slow & acting goofy as stuff Wait it out?
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