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  1. Absolutely first class - a real star. Thank you once again for all your help, your time and your patience.

  2. You've been an absolutely fantastic help - thank you so much for your time and patience.
  3. Cleaned up, rebooted and back again! Do I have the all clear?
  4. I've run OTL again with the fix detailed above. Please find the log file attached below. The FRST folder and subfolders no longer appear on C: Drive however they do all appear to be within the new _OTL folder that has been created! Presumably this is supposed to happen! I await further instructions. 07182012_223945.log
  5. Full path to it is C:\FRST. It contains three subfolders 'Hives', 'Logs' and 'Quarantine' along with a file titled 'softdebug'.
  6. Sorry - an additional question. Just looking in the history tab of MSE - I still have a long list of Quarantined Sirefef Trojans from the other day. Am I safest leaving these as they are or am I better clicking "Remove All"?
  7. Strangely when I try and delete the folder FRST from C: it tells me that Destination Folder Access is denied and that I need to confirm the operation. It brings up the UAC dialogue box - to which I click continue but it repeatedly says "Destination Folder Access Denied" when I click "Try Again". Any suggestions on removing this?
  8. I've downloaded and run the CleanUp through OTL. Deleted some of the logs etc. Icons on desktop appear to be back to normal and I haven't had the Flash Player thing pop-up again. I do have a folder on C: Drive called FRST - presumably from the boot tool I installed - am I ok to just manually delete this? What further steps do I need to take if any? Thank you
  9. I've run ComboFix as instructed - log file is attached below. I've just had an unusual pop up message though: I've just checked under "My Computer" and "Floppy Disk Drive A:" does seem to be showing up as a drive. I do not have a floppy disk drive on my computer and this drive did not previously show - any ideas here? I don't know if the Flash Player popup is a harmless message (i.e. non-malware related) but as before, I await further instruction. ComboFix.txt
  10. Ok, I've uninstalled Java and reinstalled to the latest version. I've just run a Quick Scan using MSE and also a Quick Scan using MBAM. Both came up clean, no malicious items detected. However, I am still experiencing the weird issue with my desktop icons resizing every time I restart the computer. Any suggestions on this one? Thank you so much for your help so far.
  11. Hi, I downloaded and ran JavaRa which said it had saved a logfile and would now open this. It did not open a logfile and I cannot find one anywhere on my hard drive. The first time I ran it, it did give a list of old versions it had removed however when I rebooted and checked Programs & Features, "Java™ Update 31" is still in there. Should I try uninstalling this via the usual control panel method or could this cause problems? A small additional issue - the icons on my desktop keep reverting to 'medium icons' rather than 'classic icons' no matter how many times I set this preference. I did
  12. Hmm...I don't have a Java icon in my control panel which is odd because I thought I had it installed. In fact if I go into "Programs & Features", I can see "Java Update 31" is listed in there with the option of uninstalling. Any ideas? Happy to uninstall, reinstall then clear cache if this is advisable? Thanks
  13. Hi again, Just ran a MBAM Quick Scan. All came up clean which is great news however, Microsoft Security Essentials flashed up literally two minutes after the MBAM scan had finished saying that it was quarantining some new items. The items in question are TrojanDownloader:Java/OpenStream.BY which is listed twice. Should I run another scan? Do I need to be concerned by this? Is this linked to the previous problem or something entirely different? MBAM log attached below for your information and advice. Thank you mbam-log-2012-07-17 (23-14-08).txt
  14. I followed your instructions and I've run the tool again and applied the fix. The fixlog is attached below. I can see that a number of the entries are now showing as 'not found' rather than 'moved successfully' which is a bit worrying. Hopefully you can shed some light on this though and advise what I need to do next. Once again, I await further instruction. Thank you again Fixlog.txt
  15. Hello again, I used my windows installation disk to get to the "Repair Your Computer" option and went through the various screens as instructed. One thing to mention is that I wasn't given the option of selecting a user account after selecting the operating system but the tool seemed to run without issue (albeit slowly!). I've attached the log below and await further instruction. Thank you FRST.txt
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