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  1. PS Have I put this in the right section please?
  2. I've just had an interesting conversation with Porthos and this topic came up. I use Microsoft Edge, not because I like it but because MS have effectively killed off Internet Explorer. These appear to be the best browsers available, to quote a web article: Google Chrome: "for Almost Everyone." Microsoft Edge: "If you don’t need cross-platform syncing and you want to annotate on web pages." [What the heck does this mean in plain English?] Opera: "If you are looking for a great web browser and you have not invested heavily in Microsoft." [Again, what does "invested heavily" mean in plain English?] Mozilla Firefox: "If you are cautious about privacy." [Surely every one is 'cautious about privacy'! Is Firefox better in this respect?] Vivaldi: "The best browser for Windows 10 if you are a power user." [What's a "power user"] I'd be very interested to see your comments. Thanks.
  3. Hello again Porthos. Edge is poor in my view - they even have to rely on an outside expert to tell you how to set up favourites. I much preferred IE10 but Microsoft has given up on it. As soon as I log in here or on the MBAM site up pops the blasted "notification" message and none of the MS Community experts can tell me how to add MBAM/MBAM forum to my Settings. I guess I'll just have to ignore the message! I'm interested to read your thoughts on Edge so I'll create a new thread on browsers to get more views on the subject. Thanks anyway.
  4. Hello Porthos. As soon as I clicked on the email notification that you'd replied, up popped the message that this site wants to send me notifications as you see below. But I can't add this site in my Notifications in Settings. I'm using Edge.
  5. I was prompted to run the Support Tool but it hasn't helped. There's nothing in my Settings that will enable me to add the forum. What should I do next please?
  6. What do I have to do please to comply with this request:
  7. Brilliant. Thank you so much. I've created the ticket and I now have my fingers & everything else crossed that they'll resolve it in time for me to renew. I'll diary it so that if they don't get back to me urgently I'll go and buy a subscription via CNET or similar. Now checking if there's some way for me to mark your reply as the answer. Some forums do, others don't! PS I'll create a new thread about "Unable to accept Notifications" - I hope that that isn't why I can get a reply out of the MBAM Support team
  8. Just got an Auto/Bot reply. It's concerned by my reference to "Unable to accept notifications" in the heading . I need to change the heading to delete thatand create a separate thread. How do I do that please?
  9. On the 11th November, I had an email that my automatic renewal subscription expires on 12th December. I thought that the card I used to pay last year had expired and been replaced so I replied to the email to check the card. I replied to the address shown at the end of the email viz "P.S. Questions? Need help? Head over to our support.malwarebytes.com". That was rejected as undeliverable. I then replied to the address from which the email came viz "support@mail.malwarebytes.com" - I've no idea if it's correct because they STILL haven't replied. I went to sign into the MBAM site - it rejected my password. I had to reset it - I knew I'd entered the correct password so I entered it again. It accepted it this time. I was then able to see that the card that I used last year had expired - when I tried to pay, it brought up my now-cancelled card. But I can't find any way to ADD CARD. Getting an answer out of MBAM is so frustrating!! Thankfully the product is way better that the site. Can YOU help me please?
  10. I probably explained it badly - it was the reply window that was the problem. In Edge it showed remnants of my previous reply but it didn't do it when I used IE11 - the reply box was clear.
  11. Hello Firefox. I hit 'go to this post' in the notification email and the below was showing in what would have been the Blank reply box.. You'll see from the above post that I did actually submit the reply so I shouldn't need to clear my cache. However, before trying your suggestion about Clear Editor, I saw that you use IE11 (I prefer that to blasted Edge) so I came here via IE11 and the reply window was blank, as it should be. Might this be a browser issue? @Liquid Tension - I'll follow your advice later. Many thanks for your reply. I know that I never visit a strange site so I was just wondering where I'd been to generate the alert. Thanks anyway. By the way, when I hit
  12. Many thanks for your reply. I know that I never visit a strange site so I was just wondering where I'd been to generate the alert. Thanks anyway. By the way, when I hit 'Go to this site' in the notification email I was expecting a blank reply window but instead my earlier reply was showing there. Is there a setting that I need to change please? I'll read the Forum's FAQs in a day or two when I've sorted out Windows Updates but how do I give you kudos for your very helpful reply please?
  13. Many thanks Dave. Most helpful. The MS Community Moderator who sided with the MS expert when he (the latter) went OTT has since deleted my thread and appears to be running scared at the moment eg he's posting faux replies to me but no real replies. I've complained about him and hope they'll resolve it shortly. Why ignore an MBAM report? Inconceivable By the way, how long will it take for someone to check out the report that I sent yesterday. (Not pushing, just so that I know for the future). And is that likely to show where I was looking when I got the Fraud alert?
  14. Hello Liquid Tension. I'm pretty sure that the block occurred when I went to visit an innocuous site i.e. I'd never heard of tech-life.life before. I did make a copy of the report and this is attached below - does this help? I'm currently reconstituting all my screen prints and photos, having learned that when I renewed my Home 365 two months ago they gave me a duff copy of OneDrive! I now have the current version and will post a snip when I find it. Thanks MBAM blocked fraud site.docx
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