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  1. Hello Porthos - the fact is that I was considering uninstalling this free MBAM. The only area where it is better than Defender is in catching PUPs but I have that area covered already. So I shall shortly uninstall MBAM using my Revo Pro. I'm grateful to the help I've been given with this thread. Should I receive any more "a new version is available" messages after say ten days (it should have gone by then) I'll take appropriate action.
  2. When I signed in this session, I enter my password carefully and correctly but it was rejected. I tried again but was locked out for 15 minutes, after which I ran the download again but it didn't create a file on my desktop. I ran it yet again but it was again blocked by Defender and this time there wasn't the 'more' option. So there were no three dots. It then told me to sign in again and again rejected my password, per snip. I am fully aware what is meant by the message "a new version is available" but I DON'T want to see it. It's invading MY laptop so please block it. Can this be done?
  3. PS Should I 'Sign up' or 'Log in' and where will that take me next? I haven' t a clue to what it relates.
  4. Hello Porthos. I can't replicate it now. What I get now is this the screen below. The "This was blocked by Defender" message appears to no longer allow me to click 'Show more'. I'll try again in a few hours and will update you then.
  5. It just got worse. I clicked on the link to follow the steps that you outlined and couldn't get any further - Windows Defender is retaliating, per the snip below. What shout I do now? PS Every time I power up I see another irritating pop-up from you. See below. It's beginning to turn me off MBAM. Can you block it?
  6. here's the contents in free form rich text in case it helps you get what you need: @echo off ( reg query "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl\FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION" /s WMIC DATAFILE WHERE name="C:\\windows\\system32\\mshtml.dll" get Version /format:Textvaluelist ) >> "%userprofile%\desktop\mb-query.txt" 2>&1 in free form plain text = @echo off ( reg query "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl\FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION" /s WMIC DATAFILE WHERE name="C:\\windows\\system32\\mshtml.dll" get Version /format:Textvaluelist ) >> "%userprofile%\desktop\mb-query.txt" 2>&1
  7. so sorry but I'm still having a problem. I ran https://malwarebytes.box.com/s/95yz192s3ebf91yjn8u93s5wn3nb7b2w but where should I double-click it please? So there's no file named mb-query.txt on my desktop but a snip of it is attached if that helps.
  8. Regarding the batch file, I ran https://malwarebytes.box.com/s/95yz192s3ebf91yjn8u93s5wn3nb7b2w but the folder it saved to my desktop is named 'mbst-grab-results', not 'mb-query.txt'. I've attached it anyway - is it what you need, please? mbst-grab-results.zip
  9. Hello @LiquidTension. I can't use Internet Explorer now, having been forced to use Edge. Is this screen shot OK. I'll get back in a moment re the batch file.
  10. yes you can! phew. Just waiting for the 68 seconds limit to run off.
  11. @LiquidTension I've run that query.bat. I haven't saved it and again would prefer not to take a screen print for the reason I gave earlier. Is this snip enough for you, please? PS The snip I saved was of the full screen below my top bars but the image that appears below appears to have been trimmed at both sides - can you see the full snip?
  12. That link takes me to https://www.malwarebytes.com/lp/iris/169/. It says exactly the same as the small pop-up but I'd rather not take a full screen snip as it contains many items of personal information. I'll run that App and get back in a moment.
  13. @LiquidTension Many thanks for removing my original snip. Back to your questions: How many times in total have you seen this notification? It probably started appearing around the 26th February How soon after you power on the machine do you see the notification? Immediately Is it consistently displayed whenever the machine is powered on? Yes but I usually close it with the X How often do you shut down and power on the machine? Probably 3 or 4 times a day. I'll now run that link in your #2 and I'll get back asap. Thanks
  14. @Liquid Tension - please replace the snip in my first post with this one. Thanks. PS I'll get back with answers shortly.
  15. Good morning (here) @Liquid Tension. Please URGENTLY delete the snip I attached in my first post - I'll explain why later. I can't find any guides to how to do this myself. I'll get back shortly re your questions.
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