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  1. Ahem! Sorry about this but I seem to have jumped the gun a little. I've just now got an invite to upgrade to I've done it and I'm scanning with it. Again, sorry 'bout this. All good now. ? Cheers ausgumbie
  2. Hi all I have one of those Premium versions of Malwarebytes that is enduring. That is it never expires. My wife has a free version and recently upgraded to a newer version which I assume is My present version is and I haven't had any popups or notice on the app. about upgrading to the new version. What can I do? Cheers ausgumbie
  3. PS The reason for the removal of editing facilities is interesting! In Australia too, we seem to be needing to keep a certain "alertness" in that area. Pity! It doesn't seem a time where the internet is a place to "play nice". Cheers ausgumbie
  4. Hi Ron, Yes, I had seen it, but my thanks for posting this particular link, because it's another piece of info in the chain that may eventually reveal what's going on. I'll keep following. Cheers ausgumbie
  5. Change to General PC noted - many thanks. BTW - Is there a way to edit or delete posts ourselves? Cheers ausgumbie
  6. Gaah Prunes! Sorry all - I didn't read my OP. ?. Mods, would you mind deleting my second post as it's simply repeating the first. (That'll learn me!) Cheers ausgumbie
  7. Hi all I write from the Land Down Under, Queensland, Brisbane. I'm currently enjoying a large number of internet outages. For fellow Aussies, I'm with Telstra. Technology = NBN-HFC. Arris CM8200 modem, Sagemcom F@st 5355 router. Fellow Aussies would suggest the outages are caused by one or more of: NBN upgrades (possible - they've been flagged), Telstra (no further explanation needed), or F@st 5355 router (no further explanation needed). In the router log, I and others have noted a frequently-appearing Error Message, viz: "DNS name resolution failure (canonicalizer.ucsuri.tcs)"
  8. Hi again Porthos OK, compatibilities cleared, files and folders added to Norton's "Items to Exclude from Scans" and Clean and Reinstall done (and updated). I restarted the laptop and can report success. All real-time protections are enabled. I chose "Scan for rootkits" also in settings but have left "Enable self-protection module early start" as I'm not entirely sure what it does. If I remember rightly something I read, choosing this causes a one-time delay in self-protection but I'm not sure. If there's an advantage to enabling it, I'll do that. I've kept the Clean log. Would y
  9. Hi Porthos, I haven't abandoned you or my request. I've been traveling and have a few things to keep me busy before I can settle back to wrestling with Norton. Meanwhile I was intrigued by your comment: I'd chosen Norton based on reading a number of online reviews (usually the same sources each year) which placed Norton 360, later Premium, in (if not always at the top of) the top 5 AVs. I've been a Norton customer for years on this basis, breaking off at one period when their reviews were bad. So, I'm not loyal to Norton - I'll be loyal to whatever gives me optimal prote
  10. Hi Porthos, Need to break off here (family demands). I'll return later tonight or tomorrow. Just two questions. After the Clean install, I assume MBAM will still recognize a lifetime licence as being in my name? And, anywhere I can get help on adding exclusions to Norton Premium? Can't find, on brief explore of NP, how to do this. Till later, then. Many thanks ausgumbie
  11. Thanks Porthos Herewith the mb-check-results zip. A note. I downloaded the FRST and check exes to a usb on my second laptop (running Ubuntu 16.04), transferred them to the affected laptop and did the scans there. (Then, by usb back to the Ubuntu laptop to connect with you). FRST naturally reported it "could not update" as the affected laptop wasn't connected to the internet (see orig post for why I'm reluctant to conect as yet). So the FRST scan is done without the latest updates. If that causes issues, obviously let me know. cheers ausgumbie mb-check-results.zip
  12. Hi all I have a 1 lifetime Anti-Malware license for PC which I got back in the day. It's dutifully upgraded over the years, most recently 7 November, when I got version I'm runing Windows 10 Home (Build 16299) and Norton Premium. Today (Sat. 18 Nov) was a big day for updates. I got a Windows update, Adobe Reader 11 (and changed it for Acrobat DC), 100 MB of Norton - I think that's it. At one point my Outlook 2013 client (I was online at the time) got fed up with working and disappeared. (I mean its open windows did - its icon stayed on the taskbar and kept launching
  13. Hi all Just came across the thread below (Not sure if what's now displaying was meant to happen - I just pasted the url and ... ). Anyhow, thought I'd start a new thread rather than tag onto the previous. My experience seems similar to the other thread's OP. I was researching an apparently innocuous topic (ancient Greek roads in Attica). I started exploring links from a page (A GIS-BASED STUDY OF ATTICA) on the bordersofattica.org website. The further pages I tried to access, I assume, were all in that website. MBAM threw up a number of Malicious Website Blocked alerts. I
  14. Hi all This has been pointed up in other places but it probably doesn't hurt in the retelling for any upgrading to Windows 10. I received this from staysmartonline (Aust. Govt.) to which I subscribe: "Fake Windows 10 update leading to ransomware attack: Alert Priority High Ransomware disguised as an installer of the new Microsoft Windows 10 operating system is encrypting Australian user and business computers. The ransomware resides in an email that claims to be from Microsoft which offers a free upgrade to Windows 10. The email contains a zip file attachment, which contains a program
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