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  1. Great news, I'm sending you an email address by PM for future reports
  2. MysteryFCM, I think that you are making a confusion between "Filter an IP" and "Filter a domain/URL" is refering to our frontweb backend. On this IP, we have 6000 domains, do you really think that we are abble to prevent files uploaded by our customers ? each day, we are closing several vhosts following to reports or abuses received by email, and scan results on ours servers. Malwarebytes is the only software to block our IP address completely. I suspended all sites that you have reported (as every day) so thanks to unban our IP address. If you have an URL to subscribe, in order
  3. Hello, I am the hosting company concerned by this false positive, I launch a clamav antivirus on the server concerned by this IP. Result: We have no infected files. thanks per advance to unban our IP address. Mickaël.
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