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  1. Today a Norton notification popped up stating they quarantined and removed mbam-clean- exe, Download Insight Threat is WS.Reputation.1. I did not initate a download from mbam.
  2. When I ran a Norton scan on my daughters pc, it said it removed Trojan.Lapka. The log said the infected file was C/programfiles(x86)malwarebytes anti-maleware and a number that ended with .tmp(i don't know if i should post the file number) I did use snipping tool to take a copy. I haven't posted it because I can't get to her pc just yet. It said it was removed, but are we safe? Any advice would help.
  3. Same issues as everyone else. But using the link on the pinned topic to re install worked for me.
  4. After I was done playing a game on Steam, Norton came up with the above message. I tried to get info on what occured. It said that the "actor" was the MBAM file name and the "target" was Norton file name. It also says the action was access process data. This occurred also after I played the Sims but not on Steam Sorry if the info doesn't look right, I tried writing it down.
  5. Okay I hope this is okay CheckResults.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  6. Okay I ran the Farbar tool, and both logs were made. But excuse me for being a noob but I don't know how to attach them to this reply. If someone could give me steps to do this I'd appreciate it. Thanks
  7. I'm sorry but I found the directory but there is no apostrophe after the name. I clicked on my computer, program files (x86) and found the MBAM entry. I opened it and saw the files, application etc.
  8. Well I followed the steps for the unistall/update with the tool. And the same thing happens, I see the brief old MBAM interface on shutdown.
  9. So I will need to unistall the MBAM premium app first?
  10. I recently switched to the new version of MBAM premium. But I noticed whenever I shut down my PC, the old MBAM interface screen pops up briefly. I had to quickly see what it was because it was so brief. I don't know if this is a problem. Otherwise the new version works fine.
  11. There is probably another thread out there but I couldn't find it. But this concerns the message popping up lately from Norton saying that MBAM is conflicting with NIS and to uninstall MBAM. Is this a real concern? And the weird thing is that I have both of my PCs installed with the paid MBAM and NIS yet only my pc has this message.
  12. I have Maleware Bytes Pro and also Norton Internet Security(NIS) installed. Lately, once in awhile , when I sign on to windows, I get stuck on the welcome screen. I 've looked on several forums, and they say to do a few things. So I'm doing that now (not this laptop). But I was wondering if Maleware Bytes and NIS conflict with each other. I've only had Malebytes Pro for a few months so I'm pretty new at this. Any advice would be appreciated!
  13. I got this message after trying to run a scan. Earlier my laptop got the dreaded "blue" screen and had to repair itself. I unistalled MalewareBytes to be on the safe side. I tried to reinstall from the website but the link to CNet wouldn't start the download. Help anyone?
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