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  1. Malware.AI.3548712541, C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\STEUER 2020\QT5QML.DLL, Keine Aktion durch Benutzer, 1000000, 0, 1.0.40768, 3D34E02ED63905E3D3850E5D, dds, 01256310, 83A7F0E69B2B7FC8E630D13EE94929F1, BE7E54DCE6DC0C36D9CFAB7A13ECFA7F52D793CBABB9F60EFF2D72E656F13FCD Qt5Qml.zip
  2. MBAM shows Ransom.Petya,but the file (Uninstaller) and Registry Key are from a banking software installed several months ago. Maybe a false positive. fp.zip
  3. Both files are old downloads and were never detected until today. MBAM-log-2013-12-21 (15-11-13).zip Schlecker_Fotoservice.zip setup_Mueller_Fotowelt.zip
  4. With DB update from 5249 to 5250 the FP was fixed, thanks!
  5. Seems to be a FP: java.exe ---> Trojan Downloader Virustotal scan says the file is clean: http://www.virustotal.com/file-scan/report.html?id=496699e537c06e7b431ea3b766cd13eb6e9ece7c1845e7cba8cbc4b54bfbd5af-1291577682 mbam_log_2010_12_05__20_47_00_.zip java.zip
  6. Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.46 www.malwarebytes.org Datenbank Version: 4212 Windows 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702 18.06.2010 17:39:56 mbam-log-2010-06-18 (17-39-56).txt Art des Suchlaufs: Quick-Scan Durchsuchte Objekte: 146720 Laufzeit: 4 Minute(n), 19 Sekunde(n) Infizierte Speicherprozesse: 0 Infizierte Speichermodule: 0 Infizierte Registrierungsschl wget.zip
  7. Services is a pure text file. Seems to be a fp. fp.zip
  8. kjz


    False positive detection seems to be still there. - kjz winsys.zip
  9. Thanks for Your answer. The DLL is stored at this location for a very long time (since Nov 3rd, 2004). I now moved it to another location. Maybe, that there was no file information because I compiled the DLL myself (as part needed for another package and more or less temporary placed it there). - kjz
  10. The file is stored there since several months, I scan the machine every week with updated signatures from malwarebytes (besides another antivirus software) and never got any positive detection. With database version 1882 it was the first detection. - kjz
  11. File is placed in C:\Programme (or C:\Program Files). Normally it belongs to the GD library for graphics display. - kjz
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