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  1. hi there so after much help and reply ive sort of managed to get the problem out of the way ive managed to figure out why the folder was there and it was from a left over virus that infected my computer around 3 years ago (has since then been removed) im currently trying to fix the problem with the registry so im pretty much all done here , but thxs for your patients and cooperation... i know that yous dont like threadsleft unreplys for to long so i think its safe to close this one much thx -Conor
  2. hi there sorry for not getting back to you on time , unfortunately i had logs prepared was waiting on windows update and was going to do a quick restart and then upload the logs , however with the new updates i also decided to delete the folder just to see what would have happened , and sure enough im not getting a display on startup i can hear windows sounds in the background threw my headset but nothing is showing on my monitor , ive tried multiple tries of starting and restarting but to no luck i can log in cause i can hear the windows sound after login and after startup
  3. hi there and thanks for the reply , its not really the fact that my computer is cripple all tho ive been notcing that just today infacy when i logged in my computer took forever to boot up (first time failed no screen showed), and it was stuck at the windows 7 icon for about 40 secs to a minute when its around 3-7secs but there could be a slue of problems that are causing that also was looking into a folder called boost_interprocess witch is a folder
  4. :EDIT: was snooping around on the registry and decided to try search for iBhKjJo13400 and 7 entries appeared (Default) REG_SZ (value Not Set) ConsoleTractingMask REG_DWORD 0xffff0000 (4294901760) EnableConsoleTracing REG_DWORD 0x00000000 (0) EnableFileTracing REG_DWORD 0x00000000 (0) FileDirectory REG_EXPAND_SZ %Windir%\tracing FileTracingMask REG_DWORD 0xffff0000 (4294901760) MaxFileSize
  5. So after deciding to do a full sweep of files on my computer just to make sure i dont come across those that seem (suspicious) and i came across a folder located in OS:\ProgramData\ - the folder being called iBhKjJo13400 and the file being 1KB being called the exact same thing i have no idea what the folder is related to and have no idea where it came from - i personally dunno cause ive had some virus on my computer but thats been years now , i know hot to manually remove virus and keep a constant track of UDP and TCP inbound and outbound , but i wanting just to make sure before i delete the f
  6. ok thx was just wondering cause sometimes sites like these that get blocked dont always look legit
  7. Ok so i tend to watch alot of dubbed and subbed anime either on funimation or if half the vids dont work il move to another ive recerntly stumbled upon a site called smotri & Fastvideo witch keeps getting blocked by MB but i dont know witch one it could be could it be a false positive or is it a known malisous site i search it on google and Smotri turns out to be a russian site but thats about it i never really clicked on the thing cause im a bit suscpicous of the site and fastvideo i cant seem to get any data on because when i do try all i seem to get in results is add ons for fast video
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