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  1. That just made my day. Seriously Dunkley, do you get a kick out of trolling on a daily basis? Or do you enjoy throwing a wrench into a crowd of people?
  2. Right on, brother. Sounds like its going to be a great trip, have fun
  3. This would be super-convenient for people like me. I would love to see this implemented.
  4. There is a 100% free alternative to Hotspot Shield VPN that has no ads: http://itshidden.com Disregard that, they used to have unrestricted free VPN service, now they disconnect every 20 minutes.
  5. Comodo products have a tendency to destroy any Windows installation I put it on (e.g.: CBUFS.sys)
  6. What about that gold 80's Motorola?
  7. Yes, Symantec has made some big improvements over the past few years
  8. This should be a pre-alpha build at best. There is no way Symantec could make a MBAM-like product, simply because everyone would get the free MBAM-like product.
  9. I've tried plenty of antivirus programs, but for hunting malware properly and testing different stuff, antivirus programs seem to get in the way for me.
  10. Happy Birthday Mine's coming up very shortly
  11. Well, there are many great programs that are not Malwarebytes' Anti-malware. And I'm guessing MysteryFCM is expecting more from a Malware Hunter than irresponsible comments.
  12. Isn't the point of a rogue to be obvious and obnoxious? But what scares me is malware that turns down or off your CPU/GPU fans, then decides to encode a video.
  13. I like how that arbitrary number of 453,343,343 is used for found mailwares, anlsys, and whatever a "security file" is.
  14. It's like when AIG changed its name to AIU Holdings...
  15. Microsoft Security Essentials does a pretty good job in terms of user friendly-ness in terms of the dialog boxes.
  16. They could at least put up a ballot screen...
  17. I'm from Texas, the land of pure bipolar weather systems.
  18. You absolutely can, either by fake "XXX" sites, or by malicious advertisements.
  19. Isn't that an instant messaging program (Yahoo or MSN)?
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