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  1. There are two issues involved in excessive packaging. First, regarding retail outlets, they like it as thieves have a tough time opening the packages to take and hide a small but expensive item on their person. This is a huge saving to retailers.

    I think Fry's Electronics has a decent solution to solve this problem: keep small and expensive items (RAM, hard drives, etc.) in a "cage" behind the register.

  2. I assume that if you don't have the Java Runtime Environment installed on your computer, you can't be exploited by malicious Java applets.

    And I personally hate viewing websites that like to have a Java applet that could have easily been written in AJAX or Flash.

  3. It'll be standard when every motherboard has USB 3.0 onboard. Currently, only the newest motherboards have it, so wait about 2 to 3 years for full adoption.

  4. My dad bought a Packard Bell + Monitor in 1996 for about $3000. Can't remember the processor, but it had 4mb RAM, and a 1.8GB Hard Drive. It weighed more than me, and it never had any problems. Eventually it got old, and my dad threw it away. I still have the 13" CRT monitor, and it's the best monitor I've had. No burns or "purple-spots" :)

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