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  1. I found myself smiling and nodding at about 90% of those.
  2. I think Fry's Electronics has a decent solution to solve this problem: keep small and expensive items (RAM, hard drives, etc.) in a "cage" behind the register.
  3. I remember there being a thread about a Malwarebytes baseball cap. Let's see that again
  4. I don't think MSE would work in 98, due to the fact that you need WGA to install and update the program.
  5. I assume that if you don't have the Java Runtime Environment installed on your computer, you can't be exploited by malicious Java applets. And I personally hate viewing websites that like to have a Java applet that could have easily been written in AJAX or Flash.
  6. Little bit off topic, but the "leaf" avatar is one of the default options in Invision Power Board; the software for both forums.
  7. unoriginal


    I've been using Tinypic for a while for images, but their CAPTCHA system was always in the way. This one is nice!
  8. If you guys could port the IP Block module, that would be enough for Linux.
  9. It appears that hosts around 150 websites, and some of them might be malicious.
  10. Just got an email from Microcenter, it's out for delivery and should be here next week......
  11. No matter, Microcenter had 3 in stock, got mine, will post pictures when I get it
  12. I was about to ask that Any other planned retailers?
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