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  1. Hi, thanks to everyone that has commented. I like virtual shield at the moment.
  2. David, Thanks for the response. I just put the screens shots that I could grab. How do I determine 'what it is associated it' so I can get more information? Thanks again
  3. What is this and how do I fix it please?
  4. Ron, yes I was able to fix this issue after MANY hours. :) Thanks for checking though
  5. I watched a video on youtube to see how to go into processes and add explorer.exe and the screen came back up. Now just need help with viruses please. thanks
  6. I get the Welcome screen, and then the screen goes blank/black.
  7. Laptop only starts into Safe Mode. I download Malwarebytes & FSRT and the results are attached. Question: Malwarebytes put the viruses into Quarantine, should I delete them? Please help Addition.txt FRST.txt MalwareScan2.txt MalwareScan1.txt
  8. Hello all, hope all is well. I try to save money by using local, free, public, WiFi and business wifi spots. I want to protect myself from viruses, identity thief , hacking, and everything else out there... I have 2 virus scan software on my laptop and now want to get some information on using/buying a reliable VPN. What do you guys recommend for VPN and other ways to stay safe when using public WiFi spots? I've been seeing ADs on youtube for one called VirtualShield. Also, I would like to know about software that can disguise my location, IP, etc. I'd really like to start commenting online, but don't feel safe doing so. Thank you
  9. I didn't get any more details expect it had something like fortnite.net (i dont play fort nite). I did say no. I do notice my PC is having trouble connecting to the espon scanner so it might have been that? I will keep you posted if I see any other strange things. Thanks again.
  10. I did receive this security error message when I restarted my computer. Should I be alarmed? Thanks
  11. Nothing else from my end. I ran the 2 programs listed in the thread and was just waiting on feedback from the experts. I did change my passwords, performed a disk cleanup, and backup of important data. I also ran windows defender again and that was clean. If there is anything else you suggest I am all ears and ready. Thank you
  12. Thank you sir. I agree that it is probably a server breach because that email account is from hostgator where I have hosting. Did you look at the logs I attached? Again, thank you
  13. I got an email from a hacker saying my computer was infected with a virus from a site and plans to dump my info in 48hrs unless i pay bitcoin. I usually discard this type of emails, but here is the thing. He sent it from my own email account (or at least it seems that way), and 2 he does have a very old password that I used at one point (i checked my files and no longer use that pwd). Below are the results from the Malwarebytes scan and from the Fabar. What other steps should I take? Use a different computer until I finish cleaning? Change all my pwds or wait until the virus is cleared to do that? Clear all pwds from browsers? etc... Thanks. MalwareTextFile.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
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