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  1. Well, having read the whole thread, I'd like to know what qualifies this software as PUP? If MWB has issues with IOBit then that's between you, why are users being dragged into this? I've added the IOBit folder to exclusions so this should stop MWB's interference but if I re-install Windows this is still going to be a pain. Any IOBit software which advertises or offers their other software always gives the option to install the other software, users are perfectly able to deny this, that is a practice used by most software manufacturers, even MWB themselves, that does not make software a PUP. So what exactly is the reason it's being blocked? I've enjoyed MWB's software since it's early days, having been lucky enough to be one of the user's who got a lifetime license, this is very disappointing behaviour.
  2. As the subject says, ALL software from this company is being flagged as PUP and being quarantined, is there a specific reason for this? IOBit make Driver Booster, Advanced SystemCare, Smart Defrag, Powerful Uninstaller, all products I use and some of which are paid products I own, I'd like to know why they are being blocked, if there is a specific reason, if not then please stop blocking them.
  3. Could any devs confirm if this can be solved in the short term by adding the software to the exceptions list? (I'm at work at the moment and haven't tried this yet)
  4. Hi Guys, As the title says, it appears MWB3 may be causing a BSOD in tcpip.sys under Windows 10, I'm using the insider previews and I'm getting this behaviour, primarily when using torrent clients, another user in another forum has posted the same problem (see link below): https://www.neowin.net/forum/topic/1316020-tcpipsys-causing-bsod-in-windows-10-x64/?page=2 Let me know if you need any specific logs/files to investigate.
  5. Really don't think MBAM 3 was ready for primetime, I think a couple more betas were definitely in order, multiple users, including myself, were getting very slow boots (at random, sometimes it would work fine, sometimes you could wait over 10 minutes for the computer to be usable) as well as the problems described above. A couple more betas would have been better than angry customers complaining about issues which shouldn't be in a released product. Reckon I'll wait a few more versions before re-installing.
  6. Thanks all, I have to say that's a very generous and quite unique offer. Very nice in these days of getting ripped off left, right and centre.
  7. Is this still true? Pro license will last a lifetime? Or does lifetime mean each major version of the software?
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