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  1. Dear S!Ri, After an intensive inquiry I have learned today that there is a technical deficiency in the "Regue Killer" software installation process. We are still investigating what cause this malfunction so that this problem will not repeat itself in the future. Please note that we, together with 01Net, have decided to disabled the download accelerator from the "Regue Killer" software and we are also in the process of verifying all other links. It is important to understand that we provide a technological solution which enables millions of users to get the apps they desire. It is inevitable
  2. Thanks again for you response. I'm not sure I fully understand your comment. I will take this to the project manager in-charge on the Telecharger downloader and to our CTO and will post a response as soon as possible (it's now after midnight my time) Regards, Adam Chakir, Advocate | Head of Compliance
  3. Hello and thank you for your prompt response. I would like to ask you to reconsider marking our download accelerator platform as PUP.Downloader.01Net (i.e. "potentially unwanted program") for the following reasons: 1. We provide a free quality service for product distribution. Our download manger encapsulate many advanced features, including download accelerator, download recovery and network error correction, we host all the files and make sure the download and services are free, easy to use and safe. 2. Our products are under strict internal and external compliance rule as we are distributin
  4. Dear team, I am writing to you on behalf of my company, IronSource, developer of a world leading installation platform known as InstallCore which is being used by some of the largest product development and distribution companies in the world. Among our customers you will find CNET (download.com), foxtab.com, JDownloader.org, Alcohol-soft.com, ICQ and many more. It has come to our attention that your Anti-Virus is detecting our installer as a "Adware.Downloader.01.Net". This is obviously a false-positive case which has dramatic negative consequences over our business and is hurting our users a
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