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  1. Hi! Recently I saw that websites can use our webcam and microphone without our knowledge. Adobe Flash Player settings seem to determine if we allow that or not. Here is where I found information on this: "Adobe Flash, The Spy in Your Computer – Part 1" http: //www . welivesecurity.com/2010/10/06/adobe-flash-the-spy-in-your-computer-part-1/
  2. Not a false positive? You checked? If so, should I let CyberGost know? Is that server in Bucharest hacked?
  3. I did not post on CyberGhost's forum about this Malwarebytes blocking address issue, but I did mention getting a better reception utilizing one of their Erfurt servers when watching RT Live, servers which Malwarebytes does not block access to. (I only tried that server in Bucharest to see what results that would give me, and found out Erfurt was better for me.) I was told the better reception has to do with their datacompression: http://www.cyberghostvpn.ca/forum.php%C2'>
  4. Thank you. I tried to follow your instructions, but when I right-click on the balloon it simply disappears. I tried again with Bucharest, as that was triggering the balloon yesterday: Luckily for my use it doesn't really matter, as I always use one of the CyberGhost servers in Erfurt, Germany when I want to watch RT Live. I discovered that using that server gives me nearly double the speed I get when I watch RT Live than just watching it normally, not with that VPN server. No idea why that is. I like that though because normally I only get about 5.5 Mb/s and the stream gets interrup
  5. Hi! I had noticed before that when I use CyberGhost VPN sometimes -depending on what server I choose- a Malwarebytes popup appears saying it has successfully blocked an outgoing connection, showing a CyberGhost server address. So in Malwarebytes' Ignore list I had added "C:\Users\Public\Desktop\CyberGhost\VPN.lnk" and it appears as a file. But just now when I tried to connect to one of CyberGhost's servers some of those popups appeared again as CyberGhost was trying to make the connection, and when on the interface of CyberGhost I tried to stop the connection making process to that particu
  6. That was fast! I cliked on mbar and then it unzipped. After that I hit the "drill" icon and have the scanner installed. Thank you.
  7. I just downloaded the latest version of Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit Beta, and unzipped the compressed file (I think) but don't see "mbar.exe". Here it says "3. Open the folder where the contents were unzipped and run mbar.exe." http://www.malwarebytes.org/products/mbar/ Here's what I see: Any suggestion would be appreciated. : )
  8. PS: One thing I had noticed is that the temperature of my laptop was running some 20° C higher than normal before MBAM removed those files... I can see that it's back to normal using a little free program called SpeedFan. Right now it's back to fluctuating between 24° and 28° C, which is normal for my machine when not doing anything intensive.
  9. Thank you! According to MBAM the files with rootkits would be removed after it asked me to reboot. Which I did of course. Scanning now it detects nothing suspicious. I trust your judgment that most probably they were indeed infections. I'll watch the behavior of my laptop for the next few days. If I have problems -in case it was a fp- I can always use the system backup I made a few days ago. I had MBAM run a scan before I made the backup during which it detected nothing suspicious, so that backup is clean I assume. Of course I could've used the backup instead of starting this thread, but want
  10. Hi! MBAM just flagged 3 items in my notebook: "Rootkit.Agent" in C:\Windows\2876112.exe "Rootkit.Agent" in C:\Windows\3224899.exe "Rootkit.Agent" in C:\Windows\3528867.exe I've not let MBAM remove them yet, and scanned with some other good anti-malware software (Emsisoft and Avira) which did not reported them as malware. So I wonder if they are false positives. In the article "What are False Positives and how do I report them?" it says (among other things): "3. Start Malwarebytes Anti-Malware using the /developer command line. This is a crucial step, as it will generate a developer's log wher
  11. Just for entertainmnet, here's more satire: "Conspiracy - The Facebook CIA Connection": ""Facebook CIA connection": "Mark Zuckerberg gets hot under the collar over your privacy issues and sweats": http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=o3hu3iG8B2g
  12. Speaking of Super Spyware, I've noticed that the most extensive and intrusive spyware is completely overlooked and not recognized as such by Anti-Spyware vendors. Or that it is maybe considered too big and hot to handle. I'm talking about Facebook. You think I'm exagerating? Have a look: "The Facebook CIA Connection Scandal": I feel that Anti-Spyware makers should treat Facebook as spyware. Simply because it is. In a big obvious way. At least a warning that Facebook is spyware should be given. Never mind that it is 'SS' or 'State Spyware'. Spyware is spyware, and we customers are paying to b
  13. Yes, I overruled eScan's warning about there already being other an AV there, and to uninstall it fist. In the mean time Avira told me that because of a recent Windows update on some systems 64 hidden files appeared... I replied to eScan that the problem was solved from Inia by that friendly man. I now know those files had nothing to do with eScan. Avira still reports them when I scan. But I'm not worried about them anymore. And the Rescue scan did find a virus. (Unless it was a fp, something I might never know.) All's well that ends well.
  14. PS: Come to think of it, the fact that the friendly man from India first guided me to look in different places proves that this "disappearance" of the software is not normal. I had read a rave review about eScan somewhere -and it might be an excellent AV- but care is called for when installing it. Otherwise you might need the help of a friendly man from India... .
  15. I had the free eScan Anti Virus Toolkit on my laptop for a while as a second opinion next to Malwarebytes AM and Avira Premium. It reported no malware on my machine, so I tried to dis-install it. I don't know if this is "normal", but I couldn't remove it. I downloaded/installed the eScan Removal Tool, but it did not find the program. I had looked for it everywhere myself first, but the only sign that I had it was the icon on my tray bar. So I emailed them and got a fairly quick reply, inviting me to a chat or Skype session and direct help on my laptop from a distance. I filled in their Skype
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