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  1. Windows 10 is a lucky dip. You never know what your going to get,. Each time I install it there is a different issue. This time it is stuck on updates. They all downloaded but then I get a message telling me there is a problem, but we'll try again later. That's nice isn't it? I haven't tried System Restore again yet. You should see the backdoors being used to fix this issue. Hardly suitable for the average Joe.
  2. I am giving W10 one more try. I have nothing to lose. I'll let you know tomorrow. My USB MEDIA wouldn't work earlier today so I had to go back to my DVD. I suppose there is the possibility that my installation was corrupted. I have never had such a problem getting an O/S on a computer before and I've done hundreds.
  3. As I've let you know by pm System Restore is now a bigger problem. I can use a different browser but when this security tool doesn't work we have a problem.
  4. I'm not going mad. Microsoft is run by morons. Windows 10 ISO is now too big for Single Layer DVD. How smart is that. You'd think they could at least adjust the download tool to tell people.
  5. I may be mistaken about Donna Account running Edge in Safe Mode when set to Admin type this morning. (I don't think so but all is pointing to that) My son's Admin account (created by default during installation and the only account present) won't run Edge in Safe Mode on his PC. It is being called as a Built-in as well. The Built in System Administrator account on his PC is still set to inactive. Could be either a) a Windows 10 bug, b) meant to be that way, or c) a problem with my installation disk. I'll download a new ISO and create a new one just to be sure. I'll be off-line now w
  6. I also think that the thing about any Admin account not running Edge in Safe Mode, and being called as a Built-in Admin, is a bug in Windows. But Donna account definitely did run earlier today. I'm about to test that theory out on my son's gaming PC. There is only 1 account, created when Windows was installed, so it should be set to secondary Administrator. If it is called as a Built-in Admin in Safe Mode we can just call that a Windows bug. I'll let you know but it is all academic now as I'm going to do a clean start. I've backed up what I want to put back on later as minimally a
  7. New user (New) has Admin rights: Can run Edge in normal startup with no hangs under heavy load. (5 tabs, refresh, search, video frame, online shop, news all together for several minutes.) BUT: not in Safe Mode W/Network. 1/ All Admin accounts now won't run Edge in Safe Mode W/Network. All Admin accounts treated as Built-in Admin in Safe Mode. 2/ Earlier today Donna account definitely ran Edge in Safe Mode. First as Admin then as Standard user. I just swapped account type back to Admin again and now won't. 3/ Actual built-in System Admin account won't run Edge at all in Safe
  8. Did the logs clear when we reset the counters on Sunday afternoon my time, ie 48 hours ago? I didn't count earlier but there was lots of Event ID 1002 occurrences over the last week to 10 days but now I can only see yesterday and today. There were 8 yesterday and another 4 today, although I haven't been using the computer in the way that causes these hangs to occur, ie using Edge browser. These listed instances are basically just me testing for it. My user account that is causing these, continues to do so even after I've set it to Standard user type instead of Administrator. This is shown
  9. OK. I've done that. CMD Admin seemed to work as expected. Disable Performance Counters didn't exist. Services\Winmgmt\ start value was still on 2 (Automatic). Rebooted. Windows log in screen - no input devices again. Turned of with power button and back on. Now back in.
  10. No good. Back to it's same useless state after only an hour or so.
  11. PC carked it earlier today. Absolutely no ability to browse using Edge or Chrome. I backed up my music files manually as well as manual backup of both \Users\_____ directories and did a Windows "Repair Installation" from DVD from within Windows10. I selected keep settings and files. This process took several hours to complete with about 3 restarts along the way, but maybe it was required. When it finished I had no mouse or keyboard so I had to turn off and back on. They came back. My resource traces for CPU and Memory appear to be much better for now. Edge appears to be responding faster
  12. These crops from screenshots yesterday (Task Manager) show what I'm seeing.
  13. OK. So that is all done and have rebooted 3 times. MBAM loaded and updated as intended. Here are FRST text logs attached. A few things to consider. 1/ Fresh install Windows 10 on brand new / unused HDD 2 weeks ago today. Same Windows install disk used on son's computer without issue. (different reg'n license key obviously) 2/ Some Apps didn't work from scratch. (There could be more than I presently know of.) - Bing Weather could not change location. (Removed in Powershell and reinstalled from Store) - Fixed. - Photos would not open image files. Reset in Settings. - Fi
  14. Sophos Free Virus Removal Tool found 0 threats. I'm about to start the process you outlined in the PM. Did you survive the night?
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