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  1. Like Gosabgo, I had a red circle with a white X icon in front of the file name before it was deleted apparently by MWB. I did not want to restore the version referred to in the first post because I don't have any idea of its safety. Instead I looked on my daughter's computer for the file and found it. It had all the date, etc. data the same as the file I lost. However it also had a red circle with white X icon in front of the name. So now I'm unsure whether to put it on my computer or not. She has not had any virus issues. I went looking on the web for "red circle with white X" and found a num
  2. Thanks to Rich for the very quick reply and the location of the missing file.
  3. Yesterday, 5/17/12 I ran PCTools which is my primary antivirus using a quick scan and a full scan. Found nothing. I updated MWB with the most current database and thenI followed up with a full scan by Malwarebytes, and it identified DFDwiz.exe as Trojan Fake Alert. Foolishly I told MWB to quarantine it. Now I have learned that it was a false positive, but I am now missing DFDwiz.exe. It shows in the MWB quarantine log as quarantined, and I tried multiple times to restore it but nothing happened. I went to the folder where it is supposed to be and the folder is completely empty. Does anyone hav
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