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  1. Just chiming in - I've also been getting this for quite a while (months). No links are even present in the detected SMS messages. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Android 4.4.4 Rooted Application Version (90)
  2. Thanks! Boy, just read my post and holy cow that's a grammatical mess haha. Sorry about that!
  3. On MBAM, I was unable to download an update I was prompted to receive for an hour. I was finally able to do so only after I navigated to the Scan tab and noticed there had been a PUP found earlier in the week. I selected an action for the PUP and then was able to download the update. I was receiving consecutive prompts to download the update, but had no prompt to given attention to an awaiting problem. Even if it was my fault missing the initial PUP warning, this could be problematic. for others in the same situation.
  4. Thank you, MBAM, for honoring your current customer's lifetime licenses. That is huge. And very, very much appreciated. Although I, like most other people, have a nagging sense of entitlement, I understand that you didn't have to do that - but you did. Thank you so much for handling this move with such integrity. I hope your business model grows to be more and more of a shining example to the world. God bless
  5. I've had the very same problem for a long time. I recently bought a new computer because I was fed up with my old one's problems, one of the biggest being the audio distortion due to extremely high DPC latency. I got my new $2500 pc setup and began hearing the very same audio distortions.. I checked the DPC latency, and there it was... everything in the red. Just a wild hair, I disabled MBAM Pro and they went away. Wow. I mean, I got a new computer out of the deal... but that's pretty annoying. I really don't want to go without MBAM's website blocking protection, and it seems like some of you staff are really minimizing this problem.. High DPC latency is a real annoyance. I've dealt with it for a year, hours upon hours of research and troubleshooting without discovering the connection with MBAM. Although you staff know of the problem, how many customers are in the same boat, without realizing MBAM is the issue? Hopefully this isn't the case, but it sounds like some here are saying "those few with the problem don't matter".
  6. Thanks for your help, but I fully understand the risks associated with P2P software, and I'm not bashing MBAM, I'm simply asking for a way to avoid the slew of notifications at once. This doesn't happen on any of my other computers running Win7 x64, using uTorrent and MBAM. May be some sort of power saving issue, turning off notifications, don't know.
  7. Yes, I realize that, but they're useful - just not when they spaz out and prevent the use of the program
  8. Sorry, I should have explained a little better.. I'm ok with the blocks, I understand that they are necessary, but I'm looking for a solution to the unresponsiveness of MBAM when I come back in the morning - maybe a way to let MBAM display those notifications throughout the night, instead of vomiting them up all at once
  9. Edit: Just as I hit "post", MBAM stopped vomiting up those malicious url notifications and is now responsive.. I suspect it has something to do with my second inclination of saving all of the notifications until I come back.. Maybe..?
  10. I set uTorrent to run overnight, come back in the morning, and MBAM is on this unstoppable rampage of blocking "potentially malicious website" IPs. I am unable to open it via the notification icon or even open up the right click menu. I fully exit uTorrent and MBAM still goes nuts, even though taskmanager is vacant of any uTorrent process/services. I have opened MBAM through a shortcut, which works, but even when I turn off website blocking, it still goes nuts blocking them. Does this just warrant a reinstall? Is this possibly something to do with my computer's resting state, making MBAM save the slew of the whole night's notifications for when I come back? PS. this is on a fresh install of Win7 x64
  11. Update: Have not heard from support yet, but the infection has disabled AVG completely, and severely crippled MBAM. Hope to hear from them soon
  12. Thank you, I have put in a support ticket via Option 2.
  13. It all started lastnight when I noticed AVG had several popups saying something needed to be quarantined. I woke up this morning to more AVG notices. I did a full scan with MBAM, but received a weird error from MBAM (should have noted it down) that did not cause the scan to stop, but just worried me. I then got a blue screen from Windows saying that a something about a critical process, and that it needed to shut down to prevent more damage. It restarted, I scanned with MBAM and found several more issues - I removed them and restarted my computer. I noticed things were still funky. I got more AVG popups, and Opera browser was not loading things correctly. I tried posting this message via Internet Explorer but it kept closing on me before I could finish this post!! I'm now on my laptop giving my infected computer a death stare. I did another scan with MBAM and it found MORE threats - I think I can keep scanning and restarting, and the threats would never disappear!! The protection module is disabled somehow, and when I try to enable it, I get an error message (see attached image). I tried using rkill.exe but it just gives me that blue screen saying my computer needs to shut down before any damage occurs. Note: I also scanned with AVG a couple times, and it found threats that I quarantined/removed. HELP?? PLEASE? Gah!!
  14. Sorry - Here are some screenshots of what it looks like First, Opera Browser (Incorrect layout, MBAM blocking IP) http://img441.imageshack.us/img441/6311/operass.png Next, IE (Correct layout, not blocking IP) http://img43.imageshack.us/img43/7811/iess.png
  15. I have been having troubles with my browser displaying webpages incorrectly for the past month or so - I have recently noticed a pattern: MBAM blocks something the same time I go to that page. I'm wondering if there is any way to fix this? Sometimes it even happens to Facebook, but there is nothing being blocked. Not sure what I can do about all of this - any help is much appreciated Thanks!
  16. Oh - and it's an Asus K53E laptop from xoticpc.com - I had a clean install, so there was no bloatware/free trial junk. I know AVG/Malwarebytes don't get along with some other antivirus programs
  17. Right on. Thanks guys. I use Opera, and as far as I know, it's quite a bit more secure than IE and Firefox. The Spyware Blaster won't work since Opera isn't supported, and I'm not sure about the hosts. But thank you very much for prompt and very informative responses!
  18. Hey, I got this new laptop and I've got AVG Free and Malwarebytes Pro installed on it as the only two security programs. Is there anything else I should get? Maybe an anti rootkit? I just downloaded TDSSKiller but I have no idea what is best. Any educated suggestions are very welcome! Thank you, Clay
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