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  1. A request: I disabled the auto restart after update, because I don't want programs to suddenly shut down on me while in the middle of my projects. This has happened in the past, and I lost data and valuable editing or development time. Even losing 15 minutes can be a bad thing if you're trying something new and have not yet recorded the steps. My request is: Could the programmers please add an alert with a "postpone" option, that warns the user that the new update needs a restart? It would be appreciated. (Or has this feature already been implemented?)
  2. Hi Mwb Team, Just a thought: It would be nice to be able to, once Malwarebytes has identified potential malicious attacks from a certain IP, and the user may have discovered the IP to be from a suspicious origin, to create a rule of sorts that would block the IP by default. I keep seeing the same IP trying to get in and wonder if he will not get in at some point or port. If the IP could be blocked for good, once Identified, then the attempt does not even need to get deep enough to cause an alert. I believe that this is how one attacker got in sometime ago. I kept seeing an IP attack, and soon an attack had my computer go crazy. I fixed it, thank goodness, but my worries are related to information getting stolen. Sincerely JS
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