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  1. I know I am probably being impatient, but would someone please help me? I am so lost without my computer!
  2. In addition - I can't do a system restore. Also, a message comes up every time I sign on to the internet telling me that it didn't close properly and asking me if I want to go back to my last site. Well, I fell for that once - it tried to open 30+ sites and then crashed. Aaaagggghhh! Please help
  3. As directed, I have downloaded both Mwb and Hijack and bothdownloaded fine. When I double click the timer icon appears briefly then goes away. Should I be running all of this in safe mode?
  4. My internet explorer started "dropping" and I was redirected to weird sites when i used google to search. I updated adaward and the microsoft spyware and they can't seem to catch my intruder. Now I am getting music occasionally. When I downloaded spybot it installed but won't scan. Same thing happened with the malwarebytes. My local guy suggested I open in "safe" mode and try downloading malwarebytes, run the scan and then reboot. It still won't scan or even open for that matter. Now I have found this forum and hope someone can help me. I am not on a wireless connection right now.
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