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  1. I would consider it as antimaleware than antivirus.. But thanks for all your replies, i am glad that you all stand for wha Malewarebytes stands for! And I cant be more honored to be a part of it!
  2. 1Life, 1Love, 1God, All gods and temples are the same!

  3. Dear Malewarebytes, now after 6 years, I decided to make myself an account, and thank you guys private for this little software with only 9mb! I must admit, I have been working with virusses and fixed peoples computers and removed maleware for years! I have been using many different kind of antivirus software, but non of them have helped me as your product Malewarebytes! Behalf of me and my friends and my partners I am here to thank you guys for your great help and your amazing software! I am from Denmark, and if you come across danish forums, all you see and hear about is Malewarebytes.............................. Thank you ones again for what you guys have done, and with this little software, you guys have become my favorit all times ANTIVIRUS And ANTIMALEWARE software! Greets from ChiNaCheats.
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