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  1. Yes, agree with buttons and exile too.

    Not to be offensive or get people offended.


    Norton is now in the mobile field. One of the apps for android I remember is Norton Snap, it scans QR codes and tells you if the website is safe.

    Not asking to be copying them, but we can improve and have more functionality. Being open-sourced is the biggest ever change/milestone to the company. But which maybe the profits will go low. So actually I am dropping the idea about Malwarebytes for Linux. But I think someone living somewhere will make a virus for Linux. Again, I am neither offensive nor offending.


    But for Firefox.... That is their decision because they took the path to open-source-ness.


    But I will never accept the fact that Linux and MacOSX has no viruses. Especially when the flashback virus came for Mac. So never believe those kiddies who say "I no virus u no that?".


    Thank you for reading this somewhat long post which made by fingers sweat on the touchscreen.



  2. I 100% agree. Espicially for the iPod, iPad, iPhone and androids. I have an iPod touch. But I feel insecure. So if MBAM is on the smart devices I will be very happy! I just joined here too. I think MBAM need to wider platforms like linux. Who knows, will there be a virus for Linux? Are Linux users claiming to be like mac users saying they are virus free? This is my opinion.

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