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  1. Hi Exile! Thanks! Being primarily a Windows user (until we have recently dove into the mobile device world), I am really leary out there without some type of malware protection. I know Apple products are good, but they have been compromised in recent threats. Look forward to reading of anyone else's interest and information as to if/when mobile devices will/or will not be part of Malwarebytes! I know it's good. Has saved us numerous times! Ever since we started using it, all the weird and strange things that used to happen on our PC disappeared!

  2. Hello, I made a suggestion to the tech support people (see below) and they asked that I place this thread out here to see if there are other user with the same interest. If you are interested, please comment and give them your thoughts!

    My Question to the tech support people:

    I was wondering if your company has any plans to support the mobile market. I have an Ipad and a Kindle. My son has an Android phone and my husband and I will be obtaining new smart phones in a few months. I know this software is awesome on our PC and Laptop (Windows Users) and would love to see it available in the mobile market.

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