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  1. i'll let you if i don't locate as well so you're not left wondering...thanks again!
  2. Just don't think it came with one, if that makes any sense it was a direct donation from company, but then again, i'm just going by what pastor says he has
  3. ok, i will keep trying to hunt down CD, shop wanted almost half cost of new one just to look at it thank you for taking time to assist
  4. sorry first time was in safe mode as well does it matter if i login as administrator or user?
  5. just tried in safe mode with command prompt, same deal-eo, cursor just blinks and pointer now frozen
  6. I'm at the church trying this out again. However, in my haste i did not notice that laptop does not have ports for a non-USB keyboard and mouse. I believe i get freeze whenever I hit "enter" particularly after I've gotten the services and controller app error. Does that ring any bells?
  7. Keyboard and mouse I tried to use did not work with laptop I believe I got the USB ports turned on had to do a lot of house fixing this past couple weeks so I was going to spend some time on it this weekend at church
  8. Still trying to figure this out just haven't had a large enough window of time
  9. have to go find one, all keyboards i have now are either USB or wireless and not working with laptop (just took old keyboard/mouse to dump last week...) Would this prob be related to the "Controller and Services" error?
  10. Ok, cursor/keyboard freezes when i type. In safe mode w/networking as admin or user, the run dialog box just blinks. Even in safe mode w/command, same freeze up when start typing. I left machine on for a good 3 hours and sure enough when I came back it was still stuck at MSDOS window and what I had tried to type in still hadn't shown up.
  11. ok will give it a shot a let you know how it goes thank you for your patience
  12. Does it matter that laptop was never connected to my Internet connection? Router is working fine for other machines in the house, through the wireless.
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