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  1. You should contiune using firefox, or move to Chrome. both are good, but don't use internet explorer it's slow and bad.
  2. I don't use this AV because i find it bad, it doesn't help anyone.
  3. Hello i need some help. I have had this virus for months, and i cant get rid of it, i'm almost 100% sure it spreads on my lan internet. I have reinstalled windows many times, and none of my antivirus programs finds anything on my computer. I know someone is spying on me and using a keylogger or rat to steal my info, i dont know what to do anymore he have stolen over 1000$ from me. Some months ago, i started seeing avira blocking links on both of my computers at the same time so i know something was going on. i have just reinstalled windows again and cleaned all my usbs HDDS. This is driving me crazy, i have scanned my computer with malwarebytes, spybot , SuperAntiSpyware , Hijackthis , All kinds of tools. And none of them found any threats. I Reinstalled windows 7 a while back, after having the same virus on my computer, i had no problems for a couple of weeks. And now it's back so i reinstalled windows again. the hacker always loggs in from a VPN ( proxpn ) I don't know if this is an lan infection of what it is. I have formatted all my usbs and hdds. /please help me.
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