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  1. By the look of things, there are 1000's of other people who have had the same experience Something needs to be done about this, we need to get BBC Watchdog involved, the company should be fined for this criminal behaviour, people need to lose their jobs.
  2. A few years ago my father had McAfee Anti Virus installed on his PC, it was slowing down his PC too much so I removed it and installed a different brand of anti-virus software. He tried to cancel his subscription, emailing different McAfee addresses, but they would always tell him it was the wrong address. My father isn't very computer literate, but McAfee had made it as difficult as possible to find out how to cancel their subscription, they had hidden it away in an obscure location, which I eventually found for him when he told me about it. Anyway, he wrote to their head office, explaining that McAfee had been taking £50 per year for software that was not installed, but they refused to pay it back, despite the evidence of him having tried to cancel using various different McAfee email addresses. They have refused to pay, time and time again. We have given up on them now, but now it's time to warn other people of what's going on. These people do not care about their customers, they do not believe in giving back money that is yours. They are clearly being run by people who do not care about whether you have their product installed, but just about billing your bank account. I'll be spreading this message far and wide on the Internet, to ensure that they lose many thousands of $'s, when all they had to do in the beginning is just be fair and give my father his small sum of money back.
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