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  1. REAL TIME PROTECTION STOP WORKING?? i have win 7 64 bit
  2. How can i tell when my Malwarebytes Anti-Malware expires???
  3. i never use that brower i only use firefox and chrome
  4. well for days on https://profile.callofduty.com/elite/login i couldnt sign in and until today i found out is b/c of malwarebytes b/c after i uninstall malwarebytes now it works. malwarebytes is a good product but this days after i install it is giving me alot of problems and i hope in the future malwarebytes fix this issues. bye
  5. how i do that b/c i am not a computer guy
  6. i download malwarwarebytes free vesion but is blocking some site like http://www.wcreplays.com/forums/ wtf? if i uninstall it will get fix right? IP-BLOCK also IP-BLOCK
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