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  1. My version of MWB is I decided to shut down SuperAntiSpyware Pro for the duration of the MWB scan, and that seemed to speed it up. I am assuming that MWB was likely scanning inside archives, and I've got a bunch of them, as I regularly back up a WordPress site that I administer, and the archives are TAR balls on my hard drive. Thanks to all the forum participants who offered ideas, and a happy new year to you all. Regards, Alan
  2. I am running a deep scan right now. In the past, when I did that, it completed in well under 2 hours. Now it seems to be quite slow, having run almost 3 hours. I have a 1 terabyte drive with 417 gigabytes of data NTFS. What can forum attendees say about this. Do you think I have need to be concerned? How long should I wait before I throw in the towel? VIPRE takes 3 or 4 hours to scan this, and SuperAntiSpyware Pro does it in under an hour. I know MWB is slower than SAP, but it always has been faster than VIPRE. Regards, Alan
  3. Hello, I'm using Windows 7 64-bit home premium. I have been using Barca Mail 2 from Poco Systems for years, and it is now a program no longer under development or supported. It is a very effective email and PIM, with many safety features, including the ability to look at email before downloading it, a sandbox that does not rely on IE to look at formatted mail, and the ability to have multiple contact books. That's useful to me because I use several names in my professional life (the one I use here is my pen name) I'm really unhappy that Barca is no longer supported, because it has proven to be quite useful to me. I still have the installation file and the registration number. I opened Barca Mail about 7 or 8 times today. Then I installed a security update from Microsoft for the OS. After that, when I clicked on the Barca icon, I got a "missing file" error message. Panic stricken, I looked at the Barca folder in the (86) program folder, and most of it was missing, including executables. So I went to the restore point from just before the update, rebooted, held my breath, swallowed hard tto get my heart out of my mouth, and suddenly, Malwarebytes said it prevented the program from opening because of a trojan. The MWB log file had this: Alan OldStudent DETECTION C:\Program Files (x86)\Barca2\Barca.exe Trojan.Utanioz QUARANTINE I suspected that this was actually not a trojan but a false positive, as I had run it successfully just 20 minutes previously, and the only change I made to my system was the Windows patch update. So I restored it, and all seems to be running fine so far. I'm working under some really onerous deadlines currently, and reinstalling Barca could be a HUGE pain in the south end as I am headed north. I could attachl a copy of the executable if desired to a followup message if this would not violate any copyright laws. Please advise Regards, Alan
  4. I appreciate your concern and dislike off-topic posts as much as you do too. Perhaps I did not express myself as clearly as I could have. My point was that the reference to CloudFlare mystified me as I think it is not being used by either of our ISPs. So why would MWB throw up a warning about CloudFlare when one goes to my site? Regards, Alan OldStudent
  5. I'm getting a similar message. I'm one of the website administrators for www (dot) occupytacoma (dot) org, and not so long ago, we were recently hacked in an attempt to take us off line. It took us nearly a couple of weeks to get back on line. Perhaps a bit of my mystery is that www (dot) occupytacoma (dot) org now redirects to a temporary mirror at www (dot) occupy-tacoma (dot) org while we're cleaning up the old SQL database. As far as I know, our ISP does not use CloudFlare, so I'm really puzzled. I am using the "(dot)" in my messages because this is my first posting on this forum, and I did not want to look like a spammer Here are some of the IPs: Regards, Alan OldStudent
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