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  1. Hello. Our users found that our domain s5o.ru is being blocked by MalwareBytes Anti-Malware. Unfortunately, previous owners of domain s5o.ru were spammers/malwarers so domain was blacklisted in some security lists. We registered it at 14.12.2011 from scratch. Please check black lists, all reports were before this date. (for example, surbl.org listed s5o.ru in mid of 2011, and it's delisted now). Now s5o.ru is short domain for CDN and static files of Sports.ru project. Sports.ru is one of the largest and most respectable Russian site about sports. Organisation has LIR state in RIPE. We will not place any malware on this domain. How can we remove domain and it's subdomains from your block list? Yours, Eugene CTO Sports.ru
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