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  1. Amazon aren't whitelisted, but unlike this case, they actually deal with abuse and suspend the clients responsible.

    Instead of disabling Malwarebytes, a better solution if access is required, is to have the users add the IP to the ignore list (right click the tray icon when the block occurs, and select "Add to ignore list").

    I actually think the better solution would be to reach a solution without end users having to worry.

  2. Personally I trust mbam judgement on this issue I'd rather have a clean pc then an infected one. So even though these blocks are effecting one of the sites I visit ( won't visit it till this issue is fixed), even though the site loads and runs fine I'd rather be safe then sorry

    Unfortunantly your attitude is that of the masses. Its exactly what most people will do , and its sites like mine that feel the pinch becuase of this.

    Im basically getting penalised because im using cloudflare. I choose to use cloudflare for a number of reasons, none of them malice.

    Since Malware Bytes has blocked the ip`s i listed traffic to my site has dropped considerably and people assume my site is unsafe.

    Innocent webmasters are being penalised due to a standoff as far as i can make out.

  3. I'm getting a similar message. I'm one of the website administrators for www (dot) occupytacoma (dot) org, and not so long ago, we were recently hacked in an attempt to take us off line. It took us nearly a couple of weeks to get back on line. Perhaps a bit of my mystery is that www (dot) occupytacoma (dot) org now redirects to a temporary mirror at www (dot) occupy-tacoma (dot) org while we're cleaning up the old SQL database. As far as I know, our ISP does not use CloudFlare, so I'm really puzzled.

    I am using the "(dot)" in my messages because this is my first posting on this forum, and I did not want to look like a spammer

    Here are some of the IPs:


    Alan OldStudent

    With the greatest of respect this thread is for reporting cloudflare related issues.

    If you have issues that are not cloudflare related as yours appear not to be, then maybe you should start a new thread.

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