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  1. Thankyou, any E.T.A onthe next update please?
  2. This ip is to a dedicated server with just one site on it. The site has been scanned repeatedly and is clean. The server has been scanned and comes up clean. Sucuri site scan comes up clean. Kind regrads...
  3. Oh i see, sorry to hear that, its not good when you lose data like that. Thankyou for keeping me updated though, i appreciate it.
  4. Not sure what happened to my original thread, but Malware Bytes is still reporting this IP as a threat... This is a new IP and a new server, this is not a threat at all. Seems my last thread may have been removed , but the problem still exists so therefore repost... Thanks in advance...
  5. I actually think the better solution would be to reach a solution without end users having to worry.
  6. Unfortunantly your attitude is that of the masses. Its exactly what most people will do , and its sites like mine that feel the pinch becuase of this. Im basically getting penalised because im using cloudflare. I choose to use cloudflare for a number of reasons, none of them malice. Since Malware Bytes has blocked the ip`s i listed traffic to my site has dropped considerably and people assume my site is unsafe. Innocent webmasters are being penalised due to a standoff as far as i can make out.
  7. I read this and assumed he meant that his hosting was not usinfg cloudflare.
  8. With the greatest of respect this thread is for reporting cloudflare related issues. If you have issues that are not cloudflare related as yours appear not to be, then maybe you should start a new thread.
  9. Much appreciated. Any kind of timescale i can tell my members that use Malware bytes or do we wait......
  10. Will you update this thread when this has been resolved, thankyou.
  11. Heres a full list of the ip ranges: IPv4 Also available as a IPv4 text list. IPv6 2400:cb00::/32 2606:4700::/32 2803:f800::/32 Also available as a IPv6 text list.
  12. My users have reported that malware bytes is blocking my website , the site uses cloudflare ips reported are :
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