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  1. Hello All, Just a quick question to malwarebytes on this topic. I'm an independent malware researcher and currently doing a DDoS analysis for a client and my question is "is malwarebytes still blocking IP's from Voxility's network block? My client is hosting with Javapipe which seems to be using Voxility as one of there DDoS services. Thanks for any response or further information. Lonnie.
  2. Ok, well even though I just signed up I am not new to malware. Being that I'm an Independent Malware Researcher and shouldn't get involved in a discussion like this but: Without doing any REAL indepth analysis. I did a comparison on the versions you mentioned, Besttechie, BleepingComputer (Which I'm a Security Colleague there), and Download.com And in just adding to everything that has already been mentioned above. Besttechie and Download both has identical versions, BleepingComputer's is different but the code mentioned above could be the cause of that. Just so it is mentioned I use BinDiff i
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