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  1. Thanks I remembered what I did the last time... it's gone and I deleted what I downloaded ... hopefully it's gone for good! But thanks!
  2. I'm thinking of downloading Malwarebytes. Does it protect the pc from all type of malware? I need this because things on the internet appear sooooooooo legit until you find you are infected!
  3. A few days ago someone helped me to get rid of it but somehow it's come back. I deleted and re-downloaded a software that I had on my computer for a while (not related to the first infection I hope), and then I noticed the toolbar came back. I deleted the program again and I also deleted the plug-ins and extensions in chrome that may be related. It worked for internet explorer but not chrome... can someone help. I deleted and re-downloaded chrome and it's still there... I tried to find my post from a few days ago so as to not bother you guys again but I cannot find it.
  4. I regret never taking that programming class... maybe I could have followed what in the world you did! .... But thanks AGAIN!
  5. Here it is... sorry... I had to right click first to click "Run as administrator" look.txt
  6. Every time I go to run it, I get a prompt to continue, the "run" screen pops up and then it says "the look file does not exist, would you like to create one".
  7. The look file is empty... is it supposed to be?
  8. http://s68.photobucket.com/albums/i12/Shari-Ana/?action=view&current=bcool.jpg
  9. It's not even there on the list... that's funny... I cannot find it on the list HijacThis produced... but when I open control panel it's there!
  10. The BCool Gadget is still there... and still cannot be deleted
  11. I did... the merge was successful and I rebooted as the prompt said...
  12. Control Panel ---> Programs and Features... this is the area where you can uninstall programs. I clicked uninstall but it an error pops up saying that the system cannot find the file specified.
  13. BCool Gadget is still there and still can't be removed... :-/
  14. SystemLook 30.07.11 by jpshortstuff Log created at 13:41 on 17/08/2012 by Owner Administrator - Elevation successful ========== regfind ========== Searching for "gadgetbox" [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchScopes\{BB74DE59-BC4C-4172-9AC4-73315F71CFFE}] "DisplayName"="GadgetBox" -= EOF =-
  15. The toolbars are gone, but BCool Gadget is still there and cannot be removed from program Uninstall/Change.
  16. And do you know how to delete this BCool Gadget from my program files? I don't want it to be dormant on my computer.
  17. Well I deleted FF yesterday, but if I download it again, do you think it will be there?
  18. WOW! Thanks! Do I do a similar thing for FF? Is there a website that can show me how to reset FF?
  19. When I see the odd extensions/plugins do I disable them?
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