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  1. @wildman424 seriously man, give me a break. At first my blog posts are "ridiculous" and now you have the nerve to call my blog a "splog"? Will you stop the libel at some point or is it a second nature to you? Either you don't really know what a splog is, or you just like finding every other way to try to discredit people's work. FYI, here is a blog post that might enlighten you about splogs (http://lorelle.wordpress.com/2006/09/23/how-to-spot-a-splog/). And maybe you'll stop using words that you don't even half-understand. My blog has nothing to do with these kind of shady practices and I put
  2. @wildman424 I started to read your reply, but then I realized that you thought you were on MyWot forum (FYI this topic is not about reviewing other websites, except MyWot itself. Resulting in your reply being quite ridiculous) so I just stopped reading... for now
  3. GT500, it's not there anymore. It's been deleted by admins because i got it to rank in first position in search engines for the search term "mywot defamation". (I've been defending myself and my business with the tools I have) For some reason they were not happy with that.
  4. And when I say "opinions", it's not even about opinions for most of the votes, since, as g7w explained his process, most of it is automated checks.
  5. GT500, I went through the whole reevaluation process and it turned into a troll-fest. Seriously, what do you expect from a bunch of amateurs self-proclaimed security experts who think they know everything about everything? This has nothing to do with web security. This is just "opinions" without any need to back up your claims. At first I followed the recommendations but when they ran out of fuel, it went back to condemning my whole industry simply because Mywot users don't have a clue about it and it's easier to trash everyone than trying to understand. My website was voted red because I disa
  6. Thanks to BornSlippy for starting this thread. It's time MyWot get exposed for what it is: a troll-filled website. To make things clear, I'm the guy behind Dukeo. I originally didn't plan to answer to this thread because the post I made on my blog is quite explicit by itself. However, by reading the reply that g7w is giving to this post, I have no choice but adding my own views. First of all, I'd like to say that I did my homework before exposing MyWot in my blog post (http://dukeo.com/mywot-web-of-trust-review-modern-web-totalitarism/) and I do not (contrary to web of trust users) post libel
  7. How to discard someone's opinion 101 (sponsored by MyWot power-users): 1/ say that he promotes MLM/affiliate/scam/spam (thanks to G7W), 2/ delete his reply when he defends another point of view (thanks to MysteryFCM), 3/ say that he sees conspiracy theory everywhere and if he replies back, you get the topic locked (thanks to MysteryFCM), 4/ Job done! So someone cay say that I am a scammer and that's fine, but when I try to defend myself my answer gets deleted and I get a warning?... lol
  8. Skewer things? Seeing that you are an active member of MyWot (profile: http://www.mywot.com/en/user/24160) with various awards such as Scam Buster 2008, Scam Buster 2009 and Top Member Award 2009, I doubt you are a "neutral observator" of this topic so it could have been wise to act with caution and not just delete a long reply that doesn't go "the MyWot way". This just tends to confirm how things are done around Web Of Trust: shut down the opposite point of view with the means you have (and being a moderator gives you all the necessary power on this forum to make me shut up).
  9. I am the guy behind Dukeo (one of the 2 blogs cited in the starting post of this thread). Funny enough, I had written a 2000+ words reply to this topic but it got deleted by the moderator MysteryFCM who happens to be the guy who introduced the topic to G7W... I can only guess that he has connections to MyWot users and it doesn't serve their purpose to let people expose the opposite point of view.
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