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  1. Thank You All So Much For The Clarification! Any Recommended Anti Virus Programs? (Low To No Cost) The Only Two That Come To Mind Are AVG/Kaspersky. This Is The First Time In Years Ive Ended Up With A Virus So I Usually Put All My Trust In MBAM.
  2. What Are The Chances That Plugging In My External And Backing Up The Last Of My Media Will Result In The External (Or My Reformatted PC) Being Infected Further? Cheers!
  3. Ok, I Am To Understand That MBAM Will Not Be Able To Remove This Infection From My PC. That's Not Too Big Of A Deal, Most Of My Media Is Backed Up Onto An External HD Of One Kind Or Another. My Only Concern Is That Most Is Not All. I Shoot Video Of Local Bands And Artists Here In Seattle, Just For Fun, And Between My Last Backup Session And The Worm.Parite Infection I Have Some New Video Projects In The Works. I Have Updated MBAM Everyday, Rescan, And Worm.Parite Will Either Have 1 File Or A Bunch (297 One Time). If I Remove As Many As Possible Before It Replicates, What Are The Chances That P
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