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  1. I reinstalled MB and it's working now. Should I just uninstall ZoneAlarm to avoid this from happening again?
  2. For some reason, I keep getting "Unable to connect to service" whenever I try to start this program. Nothing I've seen when I Googled this problem has helped. Grab results attached. mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. My ransomeware protection has turned off and I can't get it back on. Support tool log attached. mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. My ransonware protection for version 3.5.1 is not turning on. I've tried running as Administrator but that doesn't do anything. My Checkresults are attached. CheckResults.txt
  5. Wow. I didn't know it was out of date. So I updated and here is the new CheckResults. CheckResults.txt
  6. Okay. I was finally able to do a diagnostic scan and uploaded the files. Sorry for the delay; I've been dealing with real life stuff and just haven't been able to do anything computer related until now. Addition.txt FRST.txt CheckResults.txt
  7. My premium version of Malwarebytes has all of a sudden been unable to update. Also, it's reverted back to free and when I enter my (still valid) premium key and ID I get "must be connected to Internet" message. I know my laptop is connected to the Internet because I'm able to access Google and other programs don't have the problem either. I've tried adding MBAM to both of my firewalls (Windows 7 and Zone Alarm) but it still says it's not connected. I don't know how to fix this. Check results attached. CheckResults.txt
  8. I've been getting "database out of date" messages(on my laptop) and been trying to update for the last 3 days. Every time I click "Fix Now", it always says "No update available". How do I fix this? Check results are attached. CheckResults.txt
  9. Thank you. Changing that setting worked and I was able to update just fine. Again, thank you for helping.
  10. That's the problem. I can't even try installing it when Malwarebytes quarantines it before I even have a chance to click on it. And restoring it from Quarantine doesn't work; it just goes right back.
  11. Every time I try to install the newest update from YouTube Downloader, Malwarebytes quarantines it as a "PUP". This has never happened before with previous updates and I would like it to stop. Files uploaded below. Thank you YouTubeDownloader.rar
  12. Let's try this again. Also, it always freezes around the same System Volume folder, no matter what. I can do a full scan in Safe Mode just fine. My computer isn't infected; I just like to run a scan one a week to see if everything is fine. mbam.zip
  13. Darn it. I don't remember. I'll try that again and reupload later.
  14. I'm sorry. I have no idea what you're talking about. I can't find anything that says "Process Monitor."
  15. Here are the logs. No, I'm not infected. Just don't know why it keeps freezing. DDS.txt Attach.txt
  16. Every time I run Malwarebytes version 1.60.1 it always freezes up, and usually around the same file. I've tried everything I could find to fix it, but nothing works. What do I do to fix this? Nothing listed on the FAQs is remotely close to my problem.
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