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  1. Oh wow, thanks everyone This is a nice surprise!
  2. Nice job guys I like the biohazard graphic.
  3. It's right here people. Top of the page. Also in staff signature.
  4. To be honest, I'm amazed people still remember me... it's been 3 years since HijackThis changed ownership and I've been busy with university for so long. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.
  5. Wow, thanks everyone - this is a more than warm welcome! I'm happy to be part of the team that created and maintains this excellent piece of software. With my (2nd) graduation closing in I'll have more than enough time to help out on MBAM.
  6. Congrats on this conclusion, Marcin (et al.). I suspected a public apology from IOBit would be impossible, but this is equally humiliating for them. On a side note, I notified TrendMicro that IOBit is stealing all the functionality of HijackThis in their product.
  7. IOBit's forum is probably filled with posts similar to ours, supporting their cause. At least... are they still deleting posts about this that support the MBAM side?
  8. Posted the news and a link to this thread on my own website as well: http://www.merijn.nu/
  9. Wow, this is pretty big. Will get the word out. [edit] GT500: I had server problems and moved to merijn.nu
  10. Congratulations to everyone and thanks for their hard work!
  11. Try this app, it integrats into Task Manager and provides information on each one: http://lifehacker.com/399277/processquickl...-a-process-does
  12. Using Opera myself, have been since version 4 or so. Has anyone here tried Chrome? It's based on the Safari rendering engine but so far it is rather feature-less. It makes up for this with its blinding speed, though.
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