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  1. I'm running Windows 8.1 Pro, 64-bit, and I transferred my Malwarebytes Pro key onto it from my old laptop some months ago. Everything has seemed fine until recently. Last night, I noticed that my MBAM notification icon was not appearing in the right end of my taskbar (I had set to always show), so I tried opening MBAM, and it asked for permission, which I granted, but it did not open. I've tried using Chamelion, and all thirteen attempts failed. I ran a boot-time scan and full system scan with avast!, and both came up clean. Then I uninstalled MBAM and tried reinstalling it, but the installation flashed me with several runtime errors, and I am still unable to start MBAM. I also tried a system restore, but that gave me a message saying that it was unable to restore. Coincidentally, or maybe not, Firefox has been occasionally freezing up and forcing me to reboot for the past few days.
  2. Also, the tutorial could be an option offered at installation, like a checkbox or something where the user can decide whether he/she wants to go through it.
  3. I have my scheduled scans run in the background, and I can't even tell that they are happening. A daily background quick scan in the middle of the night should not be a problem for anyone.
  4. Hi Malwarebytes team, Currently, when a person installs MBAM Pro, there is only one scheduled action, a daily update. In the scheduler demo video, the narrator recommends realtime updates, so why is this not the default? Also, scheduled scans are important, so why not have scans scheduled by default, say a daily quick scan and weekend full scan (in th background)? Another thing you could do is walk someone through how to do this when they install the program, because some people may not know that the default settings are not ideal. Just some friendly suggestions.
  5. Oh. I forgot about that. Are you sure the OP has Pro, then? I think the free version is set, by default, to alert you if it's out of date by more than a week. It sounds like the OP is using MBAM free.
  6. I have my scheduler to check every hour (Why not? I don't even know it's happening.). It would be nice, though, if Pro came with some updates and scans scheduled by default, say daily update and quick scan and a weekly full scan.
  7. I have Malwarebytes Pro, and the updating (scheduled and manual) and scheduled scans seem to work just fine. However, when I manually run a scan, it is incredibly slow. So slow, in fact, that I cannot navigate through the Malwarebytes program at all during the scan. The elapsed time, number of files scanned, and all other information do not change in real time. Instead, they catch up every now and then. If I click in the window, it fades and says "not responding" at the top for a while until it finally updates the window with present information about the scan. Full system scans, which used to take about eight hours, now take days. I am running a 2009 Dell Studio with Windows7 32 bit. My other AV program is avast!, and I have set all the recommended exclusions for both programs to ensure that they do not interfere with each other. avast! seems to be running fine, and it has never indicated that it was messing with Malwarebytes at all.
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