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  1. Help! Recently, the completed scan log data isn't being posted to the log tab. The 'protection logs' are there as usual. Any idea's? I'm running v1.45.
  2. I rely on these malware tools to prevent/detect the unexpected (just like everyone else) so when there is an option of performing a full scan for everything to detect any intrusions, I prefer to take that route...even if it only eliminates the slightest chance of infection, over a quick scan. In addition, I schedule it to execute off hours so the extended execution time doesn't mater since the PC is not being used. My reference to a 'casual user' is just me indicating that I rely on 'ease of use' with software programs to achieve the maximum protection with as little involvement from me as possible...I want to load it, set it up and forget it. Personally, I understand that users can be satisfied with 99.9% and that's absolutely fine, but in this case, I prefer 100%. I think it's worth running a full scan if it eliminates the .1% change of infection over the quick scan.
  3. Thank you Exile360! I was able to add the fullscanterminate parameter via the schedule task panel and successfully pre-schedule a full scan. Syntax was interesting with this command...I rarely edit anything in the task scheduler so it took a couple of tries to find the correct setting...IE: leave the quotes 'as-is' and insert a space following the double quote after the .exe. This is the combination that worked: "C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\mbam.exe" /fullscanterminate Hopefully Tech Support will see these posts and incorporate this as a future enhancement to enable the 'causal user' the option to easily schedule a full scan.
  4. Enhancement request: Update the software to allow a full scan to be scheduled. Currently, the schedule option will only execute a quick scan. I schedule all of my maintenance to occur during off-shift hours so executing a full scan would have no impact to daily tasks. Please update the current information to specify that the schedule option will only execute a quick scan.
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