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  1. After recently installing a program that installed a toolbar without notification (and I don't think buried at the bottom of the EULA is enough notification), and dealing with lots of toolbars on other people's computers, I've been thinking of a way to stop toolbars completely. I think that MalwareBytes is the best group to do this (I don't entirely trust SuperAntiSpyware after they were bought by support.com). My suggestion is a feature to kill toolbar installers when they run (or block them from running at all) - including when they are launched by another process (like an installer). It could also automatically remove any toolbars it finds on the user's computer, whether activated or not. There could be a screen asking the user if they would like to keep specific toolbars they have installed (and prevent their removal), and a non-silent option that asks you every time one of these installers wants to run (with a "Don't remind me again" option). It could even be a feature of the paid version
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