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  1. I am installing Avast . But my computer is really bad right now . It is really slow , It takes me 15-20 mins to Boot up my computer .. My computer freezes a lot .Its just really really slow and I don't know what I can do to fix that .
  2. Hi guys So later today I was searching my symptoms on google for my PC and I got an answer saying I most likely have a R.A.T. or sometime of virus but I am deff infected . Know things that are obviously supposed to be done in this situation is scan your computer well I can't I have MBAW PRO and I still cannot scan my computer I try to and it freezes/ crashes the farthest I ever gotten was 162,000 files searched in 14 + hours when I have 284,000 files or more I have tried scanning in safe mode and regular mode .. There is no difference when I do scan only for like 6 witch has to be overnight be
  3. Guys IM infected and im pretty sure its something called a rat the guy is controlling my screen turning off my computer and everything .. For some reason everytime I turn on my PC i get this thing saying if I could allow jemiautoupdate.exe or something it seems really suspicous .... I cannot get rid of this virus because I can't even scan my computer I made another thread about that and got some replys but I tried the best I could and on some steps I couldn't understand what to do .. I try scanning on regular mode and safe mode and I cannot scann it freezes and it takes 8+ hours to scan 100,00
  4. I actually still need help . I won't be able to get rid of the viruses unless my virus scanner gets faster it would take days to finish I got things I have to do . Its only supposed to take 1-2 hours and it takes me 1-2 hours to scan 200-400 files
  5. orubio Thanks for helping me so much your giving me great support on my problem. And can I scan my computer while its in normal mode or do I have to go to safe mode? I heard that you are supposed to scan your computer on safe mode to actually delete the files.
  6. I don't have AVG 2012 I deleted it and downloaded MBAW . It might have showed up because I did the scan for all of my users . But on the user I am using know there is no AVG installed atm.
  7. These are my results . Hope you can help me with this info. Extras.Txt OTL.Txt
  8. Thanks for the reply. I am doing this right now will check up when scan is done.
  9. Just to let you guys know I do run the virus scan on safe mode .
  10. Help Please ! This has been going on for weeks . I always make sure to leave my laptop on scanning while I go to sleep just to feel safe and to see if I have any viruses or if I got infected. I Always have to wake up to MBAM PRO Still scanning Sometimes I just let it scan even after I wake up but it gets to 18+ hours and only has scanned 180thousand files (That's the farthest I got) This is ridiculous. I need to fully check my computer with it not taking 2 days or even a week to fully scan it . I yet have not been able to scan my whole computer . I am running on Win.7 , 2009 Toshiba , Intel® C
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