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  1. In the past few days I've been getting random pop ups with various titles and messages. The latest one is titled "Windows Internet Explorer" ********************************************************************************** Are you sure you want to leave this page? Message from web page: WAIT! Before you leave, CLICK CANCEL for your FREE GIFT! CLICK CANCEL BELOW Leave this page Stay on this page ************************************************************************************ I had Chrome and Firefox open with a few web sites but I'm guessing this pop up came from some kind of malware or virus. Yesterday the pop up was a "Do you want save or open this file" for some .mp4 file. I updated my malware bytes and ran the full scan and it was clean. And I ran a full scan of my Symantec virus scanner and that was clean also so I'm not sure what to do to get rid of whatever is causing these pop ups. I've attached a screen shot of the pop up and the requested Attach.txt and DDS.txt files. Thank you in advance for any help!! Attach.txt DDS.txt
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