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  1. A lots changed since I first joined one of them being that I don’t use the computer much anymore. with that said I let my old av sub run out as I just wasn’t using it mainly due to arthritis. However not all sites work to good on my old iPod & I do like to keep it updated every so often. so I’m not really downloading much and am wondering if windows defender is as good as say “free” avast ( no bias intended ) or suchlike I’m mean they don’t have real time detection and seem to be bundled with browsers and the like. Ok I can uninstall the bundled software however that’s not the point; I don’t really support bundled software & if windows defender is up to the same job then I can’t see the benefit to downloading a free av. is there or am I good is windows defender up to much nowadays if your not downloading from strange sites or much at all ? Thanks
  2. reading it over again and your reply I guess that's fair enough. its not like i payed cash for somthing that works well enough and no dout it will only get better it's a useful tool to keep in the tool box tbh. - i had no idea the null addy had such benfits. Thanks. cheers for taking your free time to reply btw. Hopefully your day will be a good one
  3. I was using the term hosts file very loosely rather than more complicated title. Pretty sure exile knew that. that aside thanks for the input. Anyways that aside exile. few things related really. just a discussion not a rant don't think after all these years I would sundally ( sure that's spelt wrong ) start ranting rather than learning anyways. The program that causeing the issue is I take is spyblaster not spybot . Alought by the sounds of it spybot if it added somthing ad adaware couldn't determine would be flagged also. i can't get totally onboard with the flaging it's not the fact that the entries are being flagged it's more the name there being flagged is pups and the program responsible for the flagging you can't really call a pup. the program makes the entries and the entries are then flagged witch in essence is saying spyblaster it's self is a pup. you know as I do years ago that's all most folks had to help protect them bar anti virus programs and they wernt what they are today and things have moved on and spybots not great calling them both pups as could happen seems almost like a kick in the face for all the good they did do. I mean spyblaster thou how could that be deemed a pup as said the program makes the entries even if your not flaging spyblaster it's self the entries lead back to the program that made them I take it you understand what I am getting at. reading on I see your still useing hosts man witch I much would love to have back on my system. i thought it had been abandoned obviously not by the sounds of it. Soon as use it I lose conection to the net ( dns errors with or without the two above programs removed ) and have to run hoops to get things working again,thinking about it I never had a problem on my last device. guess I should hop over there and see if there a fix. All the best in good faith mbyuser
  4. could I ask whats the status of AdwCleaner the detections are still appearing,not concerned and I know its really is no big issue,just interested.
  5. sure advancedsetup will be along soon. in the mean time have you any scheduled tasks you set up there a option to wake from sleep you may have ticked however thats only the first thing to check as there are other ways like remotely waking it up from another device so; have you created any tasks recently and unknowingly left the wake up button ticked. have you downloaded any software within the time frame thats created any to run and wake your comp on by default. lastly have you downloaded any new apps that might be sending your comp a wake up call. just covering basics as I know advanced works very hard to sort out folks problems and as said he will not doubt be looking at this when he back on. you can open task scheduler via press start to search windows or via the run option.press windows key and r to open run then type in the box that opens taskschd.msc there are other ways.
  6. thanks for the update. interesting reading,cheers
  7. oh right bro tell me if this ain't right and ill get on it ASAP albeit I believe it is reading it. domain 1.3.zip
  8. cheers exile. 3reg files I take it thats a typo and its 2. domains.zip
  9. hey sry I ve been pretty unwell as late. unsure how to do that are you asking for edges per site site privacy options ? guide me and I`ll follow
  10. unsure if this has been posted I did look however I might have missed it. the latest version of adaware is picking up spyblaster/spybots hots files again. AdwCleaner[S51].txt
  11. tbh malwarebytes hogs my comp nowadays in comparison to a few years it was bound to happen tho with all the features folks keep asking to be added years back. it used to be the other big name that made my comp slow nowadays its vise versa this isn't a trash malwarebytes post as ive been here a long time and know if you have a comp problem and if your software can't fix it you guys use your free time to do so and trashing malwarebytes gets noone no where. its just simply I had to stop my premium edition as it made my comp far too slow and macfee didn't run as well along side it as it used to do.
  12. hi guys n girls. long time no see as to speak. wonered if it was intentionl that the tool was picking up so much from spyblaster,obviously not. the latest build is still picking up spyblaster. the last build was also calling some adaware as well as pups as is this version/build. deactivate spyblaster and nothing comes up otherwise i get this; AdwCleaner[S21].txt
  13. thanks for your time daledoc1 . have a good one and all the best.
  14. hi. guessing the filehippo app/update scanner is being flagged for hxxxs://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/134993-what-are-the-pup-detections-are-they-threats-and-should-they-be-deleted/ that reson and not any other reson ? if so hopefully the one in beta stage will fix the resons for it to flagged by malwarebyes. could i ask "excutally" why its being flaged ( collecting user data?) as i cant get the newer version of psi to work its my fall back atm. thanks.
  15. just a update,found out what the error was. i never had the promt option and frefox was excpting all cookies,the ask me every time was grayed out. my laptop was tottaly curropted and i kept tryng freash installs ect ect however i was booting from a curropted imige,finnaly got the firm i got it from to take it back to repair a seconed time and firefox is working as expected. cheers
  16. hi just to update. it was the os giving false info. not to pleased thou with the firm i brought it from as i piad for the install and it came back without it, still they updated the bios and its working now so guess alls good. thanks for your alls time. btw when it came back when i booted it up there was a red box saying do you wish to run the hard drive test,so i think its got one installed somewhere,mabye thats why the drive fitness tests dont read the hdd on this type of laptop.
  17. deff sfc would be the first step,just wondering if it downloads the latest version,and doesnt leave your system vulnerable with a older version of the corrupted file. reading the link at a guess it doesnt. however thats a guess.witch wouldnt mind being confirmed either way,certainly a improvement if it downloads the latest version. esp if its a system file gotta be way better than reformatting just because single system file is corrupted. have a real easy weekend dale. cheers.
  18. browsing i found this cmd line; dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth (only works with windows 8) the question is does this replace/download the latest version of the corrupt file?
  19. just a update,this can be closed. i finnaly got throught to someone with no attitude,booked the drive repair/new one and agrred if the os is providing false info it will be re installed. guess its all down to witch techie you get when you phone up.
  20. goodneess gracious phoning toshiba (uk) costs £1.53 per min that about £5 for 4 mins. i think you misunderstood the freash install part as i know as you put its like putting a bandaid on however i belive thats my grammer.sry i had two eye ops when everyone was just learning how to write/spell and came back to school two yrs later to find everyones doing joined up writing,caught up with everthing else bar my spellng. alought dont get me wrong i am extremly gratefull for your time. the malware part if or not its malware is apart from what i wrote is due to the agrrement. i am allowed one service for any malware on the laptop per year and that mabye a way around thier "feet dragging" still i feel ive gone as far as is reasonible with this subject. thanks again & all the best to you & yours.
  21. mabye i made my post confusing. this is how i have firefox set up myself. say i am browsing looking for somthing,every site i vist logs a cookie,not all sites need a cookie to vist nor do i wish to have every site i vist drop a cookie on me. i understand what you mean by blocking all cookies would cause problems. guess by looking theres no way around it. oh well thanks anyways,feedback is allways appicated. all the best. m/ edited due to typos.
  22. been ages scince i had a comp comming back online after buying a laptop i downloaded firefox. as far as i can figure they removed the allow/block option when visting sites,now all sites cookies are excpeted by default. i know you can block 3rd party cookies (witch i have ticked) and also you can block sites manually however thats very labrious when visting a lot off sites,and private browsing inst usefull when doing the same as some sites require you allow them. am i missing somthing or have they totally removed that feture? if they have very suprised as even I.E has that function. if so is there a add on that takes its place. (not a cookie blaster type thing i have firefox set to remove them when it closes) i mean block option type add on witch intrages into firefox so you dont have to maually block sites.
  23. sry to be a pita pc world are being awakward. when i rang them again i got through to a very adgitated advisor,not awnesring the question witch was can the laptop be serviced,he went into a rant about why i was in safe mode,after going round in circles,he finnaly told me to take it to the shop to prove i was getting the drive error. well i found out i was on anything happens type plan,witch means they should pick it up fix and return.tbh i didnt know i was on that plan as when i brought it they added it to my card without my concent. firstly if the os is showing false info should i not be entitled to a freash install by them; they are suggesting when i brought it some laptops when m/s updates are installed are causeing black screens witch nullifys the gaurantee and tbh being disabled and in a lot of pian it would be nice if i got the laptop as expected; no errors. next; are all varations of condiut now consired to be pups. malwarebytes came up with mine as a trojan. i wish i had the log resaon i ask is i stand more chance of getting them not to install it (i know its easy to remove still its the princible) if i can say its malware. it was installed in a way you coundnt change the homepage surly thats malware,no ? to find out exctually what it was if i set up a new account on the same manchine would it not install that on that account,the way it reads the info when you set up a new account. thanks and real sry t make this so long winded. simply trying to find out where i stand with the drive,if its faulty i did get to the bottom of it in the end they will replace it,if not and as said the os is provding flase info is that not set up correctly and they as said should re install. thanks excuse the typos. m/
  24. thank you for the reply 1PW. all the best and hope your days been a good one.
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