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  1. Having searched this Forum for the term, Google +privacy, and the Search function having reported No results, I will venture to raise a question. Whereas, Google's new and threatening "privacy" policy (or, rather, "anti-privacy" policy) is in effect now! And, whereas, the malwarebytes.org's home webpage and others on malwarebytes.org website have been calling scripts ( and possibly other content) from Google-analytics.com and Googleusercontent.com, Now, therefore, let malwarebytes.org declare whether the org will take steps to protect the org's users and customers from the probability that the GOOG will aggregate and track and sell user-identifiable data perhaps with a plausible claim to inadvertency, and the possibility/probability that said data product of the GOOG might be acquired by a party that could adversely influence an employment or a credit situation or a service opportunity ot the detriment of any of malwarebytes.org's Customers or users. It is hoped that the ORG will act in the best interests of its users and Customers. Best wishes, from your friend, RxDdude
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