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  1. Just had the same issue on an older windows 10 machine and removing the folders mentioned worked for me too. Thanks OP. Nice to see a solution posted as a follow up. :)
  2. Interesting I have discovered today that the scheduler doesnt work in I wont cloud the original issue with v2 for now though as if we can get to the bottom of that problem it wont be relevant.
  3. Thanks for the update Firefox. I've just realised that technically the topic of this thread is now incorrect as I am running the latest version ( and not any more. However as I am experiencing the same issue on either version it is still valid but I hope this doesnt cause any confusion. I just ran some further testing and removing from the PC and re-installing does seem to improve the situation to a degree in that MBAM can now update itself and run a scan without crashing. Obviously not a solution as such, but just feeding it back.
  4. Hi Firefox, yes I've worked through the mbam.clean process, rebooted and installed the latest version ( However I still experience the same crash when running the updater. I noticed that the net.conf file was requested on another similar thread so I've attached a zipped copy of that file in case it helps. net.zip
  5. Thanks daledoc1, looks like it was caching the d/l details and pulling an older version from a different d/l link. Using your new link it works fine and I have v2.0.2.1012 installed. Unfortunately the updating crash occurs the same as in the previous version. I have attached the updated logs. Addition.txt CheckResults.txt FRST.txt
  6. When I follow the instructions at the link you posted the latest build is not available. I can only download "mbam-setup-2-0-1-1004.exe". Perhaps the latest build has been pulled for the time being? I have run mbam.clean and re-installed the above version but still continue to have the same problem as before.
  7. Thanks daledoc1. As mentioned in my original post I have already followed the "MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x" procedures to no avail. I have also attached the requested logs to my original post. You make a good point about the corporate support and I have logged an issue there too.
  8. Hi, I notice a few other similar topics relating to this type of issue in the forums but am creating a new topic as requested. I have already followed the v2 clean uninstall and re-install procedures and have also removed the pre-existing A/V product (McAfee Viruscan 8.8 PL4) just to be on the safe side. To give a bit of background we run MBAM "pro" on 100 Windows 7 clients and this is the first problem of this kind that we have experienced in any of our offices although a number of the clients are still running v1 and have not updated themselves yet. The affected laptop is a Dell Latitu
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